3 Reasons to Consider a Stair Chair

Stair chairs, or stair chair lifts, are devices used to help people go up and down stairs who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so on their own. This convenient option is designed for residential settings, with lifts helping both the physically challenged and the elderly stay in the home in which they have lived for many years rather than have to go into an assisted living facility.

Reasons to Consider a Stair Chair

Below are three reasons for considering installing a stair chair in your home or that of a loved one.

  1. Increase of freedom and independence. With a stair lift, you’re no longer relegated to one floor of your home. You can get up when you want, eat breakfast, go outside, and do the laundry with the freedom and mobility that you may have been lacking before. If you have been contemplating a move from the home in which you raised your family with your spouse, this prospect can be a very emotional one. With a stair chair lift, there’s no need to leave the home you love – rather, it’s still possible to be mobile and access all areas of your home without having to consider a nursing home. Why should you have to leave the home you’ve lived in for decades just because you are no longer mobile?
  2. Increase of daily safety. Your friends and family no longer have to worry so much about your home being unsafe or inaccessible. There are no more fears of you taking a tumble down the stairs, plus using battery-power lifts will give you peace of mind even in a power outage. This will lessen the need for daily supervision on the part of caregivers and, by extension, will give you more independence.
  3. Increased money savings. When you live in a multi-level home, a stair chair can get you access to all floors instead of having to add all crucial living components on one floor, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Installing a chair lift is much more affordable than converting a downstairs room into a bedroom, for example. Plus, there’s no waiting for installation and messy construction of a retrofit. Chair lifts are installed quickly and easily.

Here at Mowrey Elevator, we sell and install Acorn Stair Lifts for your peace of mind. These stair lifts include the following features:

  • Easy to use controls
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth starting and stopping with no jolts
  • Swivel seat
  • Digital LCD
  • Safety sensors
  • Arm, seat and foot rests that fold up
  • Maintenance free DC power
  • Key lock
  • Electronic and mechanical braking systems
  • Easy installation
  • Available in outdoor stair lift model

If you’d like to learn more about our stair lifts and their capabilities, contact Mowrey Elevator by calling one of our many office locations or filling out our online information request form.