5 Common and 5 Not So Common Uses for Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters can be a valuable addition to any home, store or commercial kitchen. This important invention was designed to safely and efficiently move objects such as trays of food up and down the stairs. While a dumbwaiter can be used to transport things like food or luggage, it can also be used for more uncommon purposes as well.

Why You Need a Dumbwaiter

5 Common Uses

  1. Food service: Getting hot plates, trays and beverages from floor to floor from the kitchen to your guests is made easier with a dumbwaiter. You can keep food hot during transport and you can reduce your trip risk when using a dumbwaiter, which is an ideal addition to any restaurant, home, hospital, nursing home or school.
  2. Disabilities: For the elderly or disabled, dumbwaiters can seamlessly transport items so they don’t have to navigate the stairs laden with groceries or luggage. Such lifts can reduce the physical stress that comes with disabilities and advanced age.
  3. Sports Equipment: If you have a family with kids in sports, you know the valuable addition a dumbwaiter can be to your household. It’s never been easier to transport football, hockey, baseball and soccer bags from your kids’ rooms to the lower floor fast.
  4. Laundry: No one wants to schlep from floor to floor with overflowing baskets of laundry. Use a dumbwaiter to transport those bins from your bedrooms to the laundry room with ease. Bonus: you won’t trip over sheets as you try to navigate down the stairs.
  5. Groceries: In the same vein, you can use dumbwaiters to transport your bags of groceries from the ground floor to the kitchen, saving you a trip up and down the stairs on food shopping days.

5 Uncommon Uses

  1. Banks: Financial institutions use dumbwaiters to move money, currency, gold bars and valuables between floors of their facility securely.
  2. Retail: Retail and department stores use dumbwaiters to move goods between the sales floors and the storage areas as needed.
  3. Storage lifts: You can use dumbwaiters to achieve easier access to storage such as basements and attics. Because they act like mini freight elevators, dumbwaiters make it super simple to carry items between floors of your home to storage areas in your garage, basement or attic, saving homeowners from having to contend with heavy loads.
  4. Hazardous materials: In industrial applications where hazardous materials on the main floors could expose workers and customers to hazardous material, dumbwaiters can provide a safer option of transport. 
  5. Firewood: If you store firewood in your basement and need to transport it as needed upstairs to fuel your woodstove, use a dumbwaiter. This is less difficult and risky than carrying all those awkward logs up the stairs every time.

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