6 Reasons to Install an Elevator in Your Home

The thought of installing an elevator in your home may sound out of reach, a luxury you can’t possibly afford. Good news is, it’s more affordable than you may think and you don’t need a mansion to be able to pull it off. Mowrey Elevator has dumbwaiters in all shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs.

Residential Elevator

Check out these six reasons to install an elevator in your home:

  1. Food service. If your kitchen is on the first floor and you wish to serve occupants on other floors of the home, your only option up until this point has been to haul trays of food up and down steep flights of stairs. Especially when entertaining, this comes in handy so you can prepare the food, set it in the dumbwaiter, and send it to another floor without having to lug it around. This saves you from falling, staining your rug and possibly getting burns from hot food.
  2. Many laundry rooms are located in the basement of a home. This means you have to lug large bins of laundry up and down stairs to deliver it to the proper rooms. Bins of laundry can be extremely heavy, and you risk falling or tripping as you haul loads from floor to floor and room to room.
  3. Preparing for a trip? All packed up? With an elevator, you don’t have to drag hundreds of pounds of luggage from top floor to bottom and then out the front door. Make this task easy by setting it in the dumbwaiter and letting the machinery do the bulk of the work for you. With one piece of luggage easily weighing up to 50 pounds or more, you’ll do your back and neck a service by letting the elevator handle this task.
  4. Sports equipment. Got kids who love sports? That’s great, but all that heavy gear that’s part and parcel of anything from lacrosse to football can really get heavy and cumbersome. The kids can place their gear into the dumbwaiter on the first floor and you can effortlessly remove it on the first floor.
  5. The elderly and those with disabilities find it physically stressful, exhausting and even impossible to carry groceries, luggage and laundry from floor to floor. By employing the use of an elevator, you’re minimizing the physical stress and hardship that comes with disabilities and old age. Awkward positions and heavy physical work are the two main contributing factors to neck injuries, says WebMD.
  6. Property value. Elevators and dumbwaiters in residential homes can increase the property value. Even if you’re not planning on selling right now, this feature can pay off big down the line when you do go to sell, particularly for aging or disabled people. Families with lots of children will also find this feature to be a plus.

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