The Benefits of Partnering with Mowrey

When you think about a partnership, you think of trust. That’s what Mowrey Elevator is all about: trust, integrity, honesty and customer service. We bring 40 years of experience to this industry that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Our commitment to quality products makes us the go-to company for elevator maintenance. As one of the largest privately-owned elevator companies in the country, our reputation of service precedes us.

Mowrey Elevator Home OfficeWith technicians that go beyond the industry standard, boasting state and national certifications, you can rest assured we take this partnership seriously. And with the addition of a 350,000 square foot manufacturing facility based in Marianna, Florida, plus several other service center locations throughout the southeast, you can rest easy knowing we’re on the job. Got an issue? Call our 24-hour service hotline anytime.

Preventive Maintenance: Why Must it be Done?

We get this question a lot. The answer is very simple. In order to experience the full life span of your elevator or lift unit, regular upkeep, from routine exams to parts replacement, must occur. We know how busy you are running your business or home. Who has time to remember about services calls and maintenance? We will help set you up on a schedule so that you can ensure the safety of your family and customers – not to mention it’s necessary to meet certain codes and be in line with legal requirements. Mowrey Inspection Services meet the requirements of the National Elevator Code and the State of Florida.

In addition to the reasons listed above, well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently for longer periods of time, leaving you without the stress and hassle of wondering if it will break down. On top of regular maintenance, we also offer Elevator Telephone Service, which just so happens to be a Mowrey exclusive in the Southeast. We test our elevator telephones on a monthly basis to ensure reliable service with a 100% ADA-compliant phone-monitoring service.

Enlist our help through top-notch elevator maintenance, servicing Florida, Alabama, Georgia and beyond. This isn’t something you can scrimp on. Bottom line is, preventive maintenance helps correct problems before they happen. With a full spectrum preventive maintenance program from Mowrey, you will get:

  • Routine Examination
  • Parts Replacement
  • Record Keeping
  • Housekeeping
  • Adjustment
  • Communication
  • Lubrication
  • Testing

With the Mowrey Maintenance Agreement, you get peace of mind knowing even parts and labor are included. This covers repairs that occur as a result of normal wear and tear. And with technicians that are factory-trained on our own products, installing all the major manufacturers’ products, we have fast access to all the parts we need to ensure a quick, successful, efficient job. In most cases, there is no waiting around for parts to come in.

To set up a convenient regular maintenance schedule, give Mowrey Elevator a call today or fill out or online form for more information. We would be happy to enlighten you with more benefits of partnering with us.