Elevator Safety Tips

Taking an elevator is like second nature to many of us. We don’t think twice about getting on one at work, the mall, in our apartment building, or while visiting someone at the hospital. You trust that the property owner is keeping up with all the safety inspections that make an elevator run safely. However, being safe on an elevator extends beyond someone else’s responsibility and into the realm of personal responsibility.

Elevator Safety Tips

Yes, elevators happen to one of the safest forms of transportation, but you should still follow some simple guidelines to ensure passenger safety, as suggested by the National Elevator Industry.

While Waiting for an Elevator

  • Know where you want to go before you get to the doors
  • Push the up or down button once
  • Be on the lookout for the signal announcing your elevator is ready
  • Allow existing passengers to exit before entering the car
  • If the car is too full, just wait for the next one

While Boarding

  • Look down: you never know if the car and floor are exactly level
  • Hold onto kids or pets
  • If you are standing near the bank of buttons, ask passengers where they would like to go and push the appropriate buttons
  • Don’t try to stop a closing door with your arms, hands or feet; let it go and the person will get the next one
  • Upon entering the car, move to the back of the elevator if you are the first one – this will make room for others without crowding the entrance

When Riding

  • Stand next to a wall and hold onto a railing if available
  • Be alert as to the floor signals and get off promptly
  • Do not engage in horseplay on a moving elevator
  • Be conscious of others’ personal space

When Exiting

  • Exit the car immediately upon arrival; do not wait for others to catch up, as the doors could close and pose a safety threat
  • Don’t push people in order to get out first
  • Let women, children and the elderly off first
  • Again, watch your step when exiting

If There’s an Emergency

  • If your elevator car suddenly stops, remain calm
  • Do not attempt to climb out of the elevator through the hatch or pry open the doors
  • Use the help button for assistance or call for help with your cell phone
  • The call button will automatically go to the elevator company or alarm company, providing the exact location of the building and elevator you are in.
  • Don’t panic. There is plenty of air circulating through the cabin and shaft.
  • Wait calmly for trained emergency personnel to come to your rescue

Hopefully, you never experience an elevator emergency, but it’s best to be prepared for any event. To learn more about elevator safety, call Mowrey Elevator today.