Elevator Tips in Case of Emergency

No one wants to think of an emergency happening, especially while in a building or actually in an elevator. But unfortunately, they happen. From earthquakes to fires, many natural disasters can pose risks for people inside of elevators. Other emergencies aren’t weather related but may involve being locked or stuck inside an elevator.

Elevator Emergency Tips

Here’s what to do in case these things happen to you.

You Get Stuck

First off, don’t panic. You are safe but you have to call for help and wait patiently. Some important steps to follow include:

  • Ring the elevator’s alarm button to summon help, call the emergency number on the elevator plate, or call 911 from your phone.
  • Do not pry open the doors: Move toward the rear center of the car and remain calm.
  • Don’t fiddle with the doors or jump up and down, as this may upset the brake system or shift the car, making it more difficult for rescuers to get to you.
  • Never leave the elevator: You are far safer inside than out. Only attempt to exit if an emergency responder directs you to do so.
  • Position yourself at the rear center of the elevator and face the doors while waiting for help to arrive.

There’s a Fire

In the event you hear a fire alarm go off or you visibly see smoke or flames, exit the building as quickly as possible but do not take the elevator. Always take the stairs. Why? A fire could compromise electrical services or cause a disruption to such services. Fires can short-circuit the call button, causing the elevator car to stop at the floor with the fire or even between floors.

There’s another reason for not taking the elevator during a fire: the shaft acts as a natural chimney when there’s fire, quickly filling up the cab with smoke. To avoid smoke inhalation and entrapment during such an emergency, just take the stairs.

There’s an Earthquake

If you are in an elevator when an earthquake hits, push the button for every floor and get out as soon as possible. Even once the initial quake passes, do not use the elevators until you get an all-clear, as there could be aftershocks.

If you are not in an elevator but in the building, take the stairs and not the elevator, as the earthquake could cause a power outage and you would be trapped.

There’s a Storm

In the case of a severe lightning storm, it’s better to just take the stairs. Leaks can cause entrapment because of the disabled cars. In the case of a hurricane or tornado, structural damage could occur, so again, take the stairs and proceed carefully. Always heed the advice and direction of emergency personnel. They will notify you if it’s safer to remain in the building or exit it.

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