Fancy Elevators From Around the World

The best elevators are those that combine form and function in one exciting design. There are many fancy and elaborate elevators that can be found all over the globe, so take a quick journey with us as we explore them.

Fancy Elevators Around the World

Lacerda Elevator (Salvador, Brazil)

This historic elevator overlooks the harbor in Bahia, Brazil. It was built in 1873 and remains Brazil’s first elevator. This 236-foot-tall elevator connects the commercial hub of the lower town to the upper town. It is revered for its unique art deco exterior, perched on a cliffside for amazing views of the city. At night, it’s lit up with a rainbow of colors.

Santa Justa Lift (Lisbon, Portugal)

Located in the middle of Lisbon, Portugal, this elevator symbolizes the city’s industrial past. This neo-Gothic lift is constructed of sturdy iron, rising 148 feet into the air. It’s covered with wood paneling and beautiful brass fittings, leading to the belvedere level where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the capital.

Bailong Elevator (Hunan Province, China)

This is a 1,070-foot-tall outdoor elevator, referred to as the Hundred Dragons Elevator. It’s perched on the rocky Zhangjiajie mountains and looks a lot like Willy Wonka’s glass elevator. Made of steel and glass, it can travel in under two minutes. The world’s tallest outdoor elevator, this lift can be spotted in James Cameron’s Avatar. It took five years to build and cost $20 million.

Hammetschwand Elevator (Bürgenstock, Switzerland)

Sitting high in the Swiss Alps, this lift offers an incredible view of the surrounding mountains and the country’s fourth largest lake (Lucerne), saving visitors a climb of 500 feet. It’s a small, rectangular elevator designed in 1905, and has been classified as Europe’s tallest outdoor elevator. It cost $14.8 million to build and can carry up to a dozen people at once.

AquaDom Elevator (Berlin, Germany)

Set inside an 82-foot-tall cylinder-shaped aquarium, this elevator is located in Berlin’s Sea Life Center. The aquarium has more than 1,500 fish from nearly 100 different species, and cost $17.4 million to build.

Mercedes-Benz Museum Elevator (Stuttgart, Germany)

This pill-shaped elevator is minimal in design as part of a concrete-clad building, offering a space-age experience. A metal pod scales the concrete, giving passengers a stunning view through just a tiny rectangular window.

Louvre Elevator (Paris, France)

This roofless hydraulic lift is located in the center of a winding steel staircase, able to carry up to 10 passengers from bottom to top, giving guests a spectacular view of the famous museum lobby.

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