How a Wheelchair Lift Can Add Accessibility to Your Home

If you have temporary, severe, long-lasting or permanent mobility problems, you may be confined to a wheelchair. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re used to zipping around from here to there. While confinement to a wheelchair can slow things down, modern advancements such as wheelchair lifts and elevators can make the whole process a lot easier.

Wheelchair Lift Adds Accessibility

A wheelchair lift is designed to transfer disabled people onto a platform so they can go from floor to floor. Here are many ways in which a wheelchair list can add accessibility to your home:


In-home wheelchair lifts and elevators give you more freedom to access more areas of the home. On top of that, you are given more flexibility – meaning, you can stay in your home for many more years than you would have had you not had a convenient way to get from floor to floor. This is particularly relevant to the elderly, whose only option without a lift would normally be to enter a nursing home. Now it’s possible to convert your existing home to accommodate changing physical needs.


Wheelchair lifts are also convenient to those who use it for other purposes, such as transporting items from floor to floor. This can include anything from loads of laundry and luggage to recreational equipment and even food. Why haul things up and down the stairs, risking injury to your back and neck, not to mention the drain on your time, when you could just use an elevator?

This is especially true for older Americans who simply no longer have the dexterity they used to in order to navigate their homes. On top of that lack of mobility and dexterity is the pain of back problems and arthritis.

Economical and Practical

Wheelchair-bound homeowners can live on their own using a lift – all without the help from family, friends or a hired home health care worker. This saves caregivers time, as many of them are adult children of aging parents who also have their own family and work to worry about. It also saves the homeowner money because they don’t have to hire a home health care worker to wheel them around.

The homeowner can simply wheel themselves into the elevator and navigate to the floor of their choosing, all without being a burden on others.

Considering an in-home lift? Mowrey Elevator installs many sizes and styles for your needs depending on local building codes, designs and personal preferences. Home wheelchair lifts can be designed to fit your space requirements and budget. Visit our residential elevators page for more information on what we offer. Call us at 800-441-4449 to learn more.