How Preventative Maintenance Can Cut Costs and Prolong Your Machinery

Whether you own one elevator or 20, you as the building manager or property owner know how important preventative maintenance is. You can’t afford the downtime that comes with any “surprises” in the form of last-minute repairs, failed inspections and breakdowns on the busiest days of the year. Keeping up with preventive maintenance helps keep elevator costs down, including avoidance of premature modification.

By sticking to a preventative maintenance plan now, you can cut costs and prolong the life of your machinery. Here’s how.

Increased Life Span

Regular, on-site preventive maintenance if crucial is you want to sustain the performance and improve the lifespan of your elevator systems. Many times, a technician isn’t dispatched to a job until there is a crisis or well-defined problem that requires immediate repair. Those emergency repairs aren’t cheap, especially if they happen after hours or on the weekend.

Not only are those repairs costly, they are unexpected, resulting in more frequent shutdowns. Sadly, many property managers outright ignore preventive maintenance until the elevator system, and subsequent machinery, becomes a liability or falls out of compliance. Now, the problems are even more difficult to fix, taking more of your time and money.

Taking care of small issues here and there through maintenance will ensure your elevator lasts its full lifespan or beyond. After all, who wants to spend money to replace a system that should still have five more years to go?

Tenant Dissatisfaction and Irritation

When you have to shut down to make an unexpected repair, this tends to make tenants and visitors angry and annoyed. They have to wait longer for service or take the stairs, arriving at their destinations late and sweaty. Meanwhile, you have to pay out an expenditure that could have been avoided had you kept up with preventive maintenance in the first place.

The consequences of failing to conduct appropriate maintenance usually manifests itself, not in the short term, but during the middle and later years of an elevator’s lifecycle. This is when the effects of maintenance neglect become obvious and apparent.

Quick Snippets: The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance for your elevator and machinery can:

  • Save you money. When you catch problems early, you avoid bigger problems down the line that will no doubt come with a bigger price tag.
  • Experience less downtime that comes with the time it takes to order a part or wait for service.
  • Make sure your tenants, clients, customers and visitors stay safe at all times.
  • Ensure you don’t worry about the safety or efficiency of your elevator when you know it’s inspected regularly.
  • Help you pass annual inspections.
  • Extend the lifespan of your elevators.

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