Important Elevator Safety Tips

Heeding elevator safety is important as you navigate elevators in your apartment building, at malls, in office parks, and in skyscrapers. It may seem like a no-brainer, but below is a general list of safety tips that you should brush up on every once in a while, to stay on top of your game.

Elevator Safety Tips
  • Watch your step as you enter and exit the elevator – the floors may not be quite level, which poses a tripping hazard.
  • Stand away from the doors, as you could get a finger, purse or clothing stuck in them as they are closing.
  • Keep children and pets close by your side as you ride the elevator.
  • Advise kids of elevator safety and proper elevator behavior frequently.
  • If you are closest to the doors, you should step aside or move away first upon arrival of the car.
  • Push the DOOR OPEN button if you see someone needs to hop on. Hold it until they can get in the elevator safely.
  • If a door starts to close, don’t try to step between it to open it, or use a cane, foot or arm to force it open. Just wait for the next elevator.
  • Pay close attention to the floor indicators.
  • If the elevator stops and you arrive at your floor but the doors don’t open, press the DOOR OPEN button.
  • If the elevator stops and the doors open but it is located between two floors, first, remain calm. Then call for help. You will have plenty of air because of the ventilation system. Never try to exit the car and climb into the shaft. The elevator hatch is only for approved personnel who can provide assistance from outside the cab.
  • Call for help on the elevator phone or your smart phone or press the ALARM or HELP buttons. If there is an intercom, use that.
  • Wait for help to arrive.
  • In the event of a power outage, emergency lighting will kick on.
  • Know your destination before you come up on the elevators. Promptly press the up or down buttons.
  • Exit as soon as you arrive at your floor. Pay attention, stay off your phone, and don’t fiddle with bags and purses.
  • Exit immediately and don’t wait for others who may be behind you.
  • Don’t push the people in front of you when leaving the car.
  • In the case of fire, or suspicion of fire, take the stairs and not the elevator.

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