Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Stair Chair

If you have trouble walking up and down stairs, you could benefit from the installation of a stair chair. Those with limited mobility yet who have a two-story house or higher may find the addition of a stair chair to be a lifesaver on a daily basis. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to use a stair chair when it comes to safety.

Avoid These Stair Chair Mistakes

To avoid injury to yourself or damage to the unit, read about these common mistakes you should avoid when using your stair chair.

Failing to Use the Seatbelt

We know, we know: a stair chair isn’t a high-speed vehicle out on the open road, but you can still fall off if you don’t fasten the seatbelt for the trip. Even on these short trips up and down the stairs, you should always wear the provided seatbelt so you are able to safely remain on the chair at all times.

Failing to Use the Stair Chair for Its Intended Purpose

Stair chair lifts were designed to safely transport the user up and down the stairs. All you have to do is sit down, fasten the seatbelt, and wait until you get to the top or bottom. Some models come with footrests, which are for – you guessed it – resting your feet! However, many people stand on those footrests using their entire body weight.

This is not how your stair chair was designed and it should not be used this way. Applying too much weight on one component can break the lift and result in injury. It’s also unsafe to stand on a moving mechanism, so always remain seated.

Some people allow kids to use the stair chair, which is never a good idea. Kids can be careless and daring, using such a lift like a toy. Always tell children to avoid the stair chair and that it’s not meant to be used for recreation.

Failing to Perform Necessary Maintenance

Your stair chair, like any other type of elevator or lift, needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis. This will ensure it functions properly and will also extend the lifespan of the unit. Prevent your stair chair from breaking down during use when you need it most by ensuring you remain proactive in your maintenance duties. This includes making repairs as necessary and getting the proper inspections as spelled out by the laws in your town or state.

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