How to Modernize Your Elevators Without Closing Down

Chances are as a building owner, you’ve thought about remodeling your current office, apartment, store or headquarters. But you may get caught up in the more cosmetic aspects of those remodels, such as flooring and tile choices, carpeting, and d├ęcor. Don’t forget your elevators! They need to be updated too in order to stay up to code on safety and compliance.

How to Modernize Elevators

In addition, modernization makes an elevator more efficient and attractive so your building gets a more up to date image with a higher property value. When a rider’s experience is enhanced, you increase customer satisfaction rates. They know they can rely on your elevators to get them where they need to be quickly and reliably.

Knowing When It’s Time to Modernize

An outdated appearance isn’t the only clue that you need to upgrade. Here are some more signs:

  • You don’t know if your elevator is in compliance with safety and code standards.
  • You can’t remember the last time you updated.
  • Passenger complaints are on the rise.
  • Passenger wait times are too long and their needs aren’t being accommodated.
  • Passengers are complaining about strange noises, uneven floor leveling, or discomfort while riding the elevator.
  • The approved use and zoning of the building has changed since the elevator was first put in.
  • Your elevator is older than 10 years.
  • It’s overcrowded.
  • It needs frequent repairs.
  • It’s pulling down your rental and property values.

Modernizing with the Least Impact on Tenants

Remodeling jobs sometimes necessitate the closing down of your business; however, your bottom line can take a hit if that happens. So how can you modernize your elevators without having to shut your doors?

First off, choose a trusted, reliable and reputable elevator contractor to do the work. Make sure they’re licensed and insured to do the stated work, and are backed by many years of experience installing or fixing your type of elevator.

Next, if you have two or more bays of elevators in your lobby, that’s easy. Simply provide renovations to one set and leave the other open for transport. If you only have one set of elevators, you will need to ask your tenants to either use the stairs or use a service elevator if you have one. Make sure it’s working properly and the proper safety controls are in place.

If the remodeling project is something that can be done in stages, ask your contractor to work on the elevator at night or on weekends when passenger traffic is much slower. In any case, be clear with your tenant. Post the estimated timeline that they can expect to be inconvenienced. Keeping them in the loop will help move your project along smoothly.

Once they see the modernized elevator, they will appreciate the time and effort to make the cars faster, more reliable, and more comfortable. Call Mowrey Elevator if you need the latest elevator products or if you need repair and maintenance services.