Nailing Your Elevator Pitch

Ever heard of an elevator pitch? Well it’s got nothing to do with baseball on a lift. But it has everything to do with pitching your big idea to the big boss. It’s called an elevator pitch because it has to be fast, like if you were to hop on the elevator and run into your boss. You’ve got 30 seconds till they get off on their floor. What are you going to say to sell it?

National Talk in an Elevator Day

First things first: don’t treat your elevator pitch like a cover letter. No one wants your whole life story. Keep it short, concise, snappy and to the point so that you can leave a lasting impression. In fact, you want to leave them wanting more.

Your pitch should answer three questions:  

  1. Who are you and what do you do?
  2. What sets you apart from everyone else?
  3. What is the goal of your pitch?

This will be easy if you’re a proven storyteller who can weave a good yarn. If you’re not, well, it’ll take some practice. Keep in mind, you’re offering your services or products as a solution to the person you’re pitching. Think about their needs, their problems, and how you will solve them.

Not all elevator pitches will be the same to all people. This is where the tricky part comes in. You have to tailor each pitch to each individual, whether that’s a potential client, a company where you want to work, your boss, or a startup where you’d like to be an investor.

Prepare on Paper

The next step is to number a piece of paper or computer document 1 – 10. Then go through each line to add in the information you want to relay about yourself, your company or your service or product. Use interesting and memorable facts only. Turn those points into sentences.

Edit What You Wrote

Now, with a red pen or the tracking feature, go through your list and red line it, eliminating any redundancies, unclear information, or buzz words that aren’t unique. You may take a sentence like “I’m excellent at sales” and turn it into “I’ve won many inter-departmental awards for exceeding sales goals for three years in a row.”

Remember, broad terms aren’t going to cut it. Be specific and you will stand out. 

Use Index Cards

Write two compelling sentences on each card under a heading. Put them in order, with the most important and attention-grabbing being first. Think about this: you only have a set amount of time to pitch your idea. If you get cut off or interrupted, what will you want them to know in those first few precious seconds?

Practice, Practice, Practice

Recite your pitch till you know it by heart. Then practice some more. Ask a friend to listen and give honest feedback. You may think your pitch is perfect, but to someone else, it may seem lackluster or long-winded.

You can also try recording yourself saying your pitch. Play it back and listen to it. Make sure you’re not being repetitive or redundant.

Take a Ride

While an elevator pitch doesn’t necessarily mean it has to take place in an elevator, you may want to practice your timing in one. Next time you’re in there alone, practice your pitch!

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