New Year’s Reset and Maintenance on Your Elevators

With the advent of a new year, it’s important to re-evaluate our priorities and make lists to guide us through 2024. One of those areas you may be able to improve is in regards to elevator maintenance and upgrades. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that can help you reset and renew your focus on maintaining your residential or commercial elevator for safety.

Check Elevator Worksites For Hazards

More than half of work-related elevator deaths are caused by failure to ensure that elevator parts operated properly while making repairs or performing maintenance. Workplace safety is imperative, which means you should take the time to thoroughly review the worksite. This can include anything from visual inspections and being proactive when you see something that’s not right (example: an exposed wire that should be considered live). Sometimes hazards are deceiving, such dirt and beverage spills that could lead to harmful slips.

Share Elevator Safety Tips

Make sure your tenants, clients, customers and employees know how to properly use the elevator when you are not there to monitor. Yes, maintenance and inspections should only be performed by licensed professionals, but you as the owner must do your part to keep your elevators safe each day. Make sure expiration dates on fire extinguishers are clearly marked and all safety tips are clearly posted.

Work Smarter and Slow Down

Fast is not always better. When an issue arises, call in an elevator repair technician to get the job done right. Don’t assume you can tackle the job yourself, which could lead to unsafe conditions. While safety concerns should be addressed quickly and efficiently, rushing is never advised, even if a slight delay will lead to temporary inconvenience.

Eliminate Distractions

Ensure your team isn’t distracted by their smart phone or other devices in their hands at all times. The only mobile devices they need to carry is a workplace-approved device and app which makes it easy to stay connected with you and the rest of the team.

Distractions also come in the form of personal attire, such as jewelry or loose clothing. Dressing properly for the job is imperative.

Have a Plan in Place

Just like rushing, cutting corners is not advised. Have a complete maintenance checklist plan in place to ensure everyone’s safety at all times. Working efficiently is dependent upon following maintenance plans that not only save you on repair costs but boost home and business safety as well.

From the Mowrey family to yours: Happy New Year!