Preparing Your Home Elevator for Emergencies

Emergencies happen. Accidents happen. You can’t stop them, but you can be prepared for them. When it comes to your home elevator, you can take some steps to safeguard your family, your elevator and your house in the event of an emergency.

Being prepared is especially important if you live in a flood zone, areas prone to hurricanes, or blizzard country. From damaging fires to floods, here’s how you can protect your elevator.

Battery Backup

Power outages are common, especially with high winds, and you don’t want to be trapped in your elevator when the power goes out. That’s why you should have a backup battery system that will lower the cab to the lowest landing and open the doors open.

Emergency Lighting and Alarms

Emergency lighting and alarms can help signal others that you need help. In the event you need assistance, you can stand by the elevator, ring the alarm, and they will know exactly where to reach you. In case of a fire emergency, always exit the home as quickly as possible.


Most of us don’t walk around without our smart phones in our pockets, but in the event you do not have your phone on you and there’s an elevator emergency, an optional in-cab phone is a wise addition. A flush-mounted speakerphone with manual dial keypad and two-way conversation mode is a common choice for homeowners.

Fire Safety

You and your family should have a fire escape plan in place that involves multiple scenarios depending on where the fire could break out. Your escape route will likely vary if you are on the top floor and the fire is in the basement and vice versa. Make it known that no one should be using the elevator in a fire emergency. Not only could smoke and flames fill the cab, the doors may open on a landing that’s engulfed in fire. Instead, exit the home as quickly as you can using the stairs.

Storm and Flooding Safety

When hurricanes, tropical storms, or driving rains hit, there’s always the chance for flooding. If you are ordered to evacuate your home, you should have a plan in place ahead of time. Plan to power down your home elevator after you have sent it to its highest landing.

Once the storm has passed, contact your residential elevator service provider such as Mowrey – even if you don’t see a lot of water in your home. We can inspect and restart the elevator.

Routine Maintenance

The best way to prepare for an emergency situation is to make sure your elevator is working as it should. Routine maintenance and repairs should be performed by a certified elevator mechanic every year to address safety checklists and diagnostics.

Contact Mowrey Elevator

If you need a repair or want to get on a regular maintenance schedule, contact Mowrey Elevator today. We are available 24/7 at our emergency repair hotline at 800-441-4449.