Proper COVID Protocols While In Elevators

With COVID-19 still sticking around in 2021, it’s worth going over a few basic safety practices when it comes to elevator protocol during a pandemic. Essentially, COVID protocols for elevators should be the same for any other confined space. Wear a mask, socially distance yourself as much as possible, etc.

COVID Elevator Safety Tips

Here are some additional tips to consider to help promote safe riding:

  • Load up the elevator in a checkerboard pattern.
  • When possible, all passengers should outward towards the wall or door (depending on their location inside of the elevator).
  • Tell the person nearest the buttons which floor you need to go to rather than leaning over and doing it yourself.
  • If you are that person, use your knuckle to press the appropriate button.
  • Refrain from conversation.
  • Building owners: minimize the risk of exposure for riders by setting up queuing lines in lobbies and staggering the arrival and departure times of employees and vendors.
  • Wear a mask inside elevators at all times.
  • If you have to sneeze, use your arm or tissue.
  • Do not touch anything while in the elevator unless you have to, like handles and railings.
  • Use hand sanitizer after using the elevator. Encourage your kids to do the same.
  • Wait for the next car if it looks too crowded for your comfort.
  • Minimize your use of the elevator, taking the stairs if you can (bonus: you get your daily exercise!)
  • Property owners should post a two-to-four-person restriction to ensure proper distancing.
  • Stay off the phone and don’t talk loudly.
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Use an elbow, knuckle or tissue to press buttons.
  • Property managers: install antiviral films to cover elevator buttons. Sanitize and disinfect high-touch areas throughout the day. Consider adding more ventilation in these areas. Install hand sanitizer stations outside all elevator banks.

Studies show that elevators are not super spreaders of the coronavirus. An outbreak is more likely to occur between employees on a floor of the building who spend all day together in an enclosed space.

Bottom line is, it’s still safe to travel in an elevator as long as everyone is practicing basic hygiene and courtesy. Elevator rides are quick, and the risk of transmission in this manner is very low. Just refrain from speaking and wear your mask. If you don’t feel comfortable getting on an elevator with a few people on it, wait for the next one or take the stairs.

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