Proper Maintenance for Your Elevator

As the owner of an elevator in your home or business, you know that safety is of first priority when operating the device. A big part of that commitment to safety is keeping up with the proper maintenance to ensure your unit enjoys a long life span providing superior service. Neglecting your elevator can lead to more frequent repairs and unnecessary costs on your part, plus it can drastically reduce its overall life span.

Elevator Maintenance

When it comes to your dumbwaiter – a convenient addition to any home or business – safety and efficiency is the key to proper operation. You can’t expect to effectively move objects between floors if your unit hasn’t been inspected or repaired in months or years. Here at Mowrey Elevator, our maintenance plans are affordable and easy to adhere to because we work with your schedule. You can set up a time for our technicians to come by on a regular basis to perform a thorough inspection.

Both residential and commercial dumbwaiters require maintenance, but commercial units need them even more so because of the heavy demands placed on them daily. As a hotel or restaurant owner, you can’t overlook the need for proper maintenance, which if neglected can lead to break-down over time – perhaps right when you’re at your busiest! You can’t afford the downtime it will require to call in a technician, fix the unit and get you on your way. By then, your restaurant is already in chaos. If you keep up with maintenance, many issues can be avoided. Plus, you won’t have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a costly repair that’s not in the budget.

Maintenance in a commercial environment is crucial, as your elevator goes up and down hundreds of times a day, putting stress on the motor, ropes and guide rails. Lubrication issues can also crop up, which can slow down the operation of your lift. We always check and add to the lubrication level during our maintenance inspections. Cabin doors are another element than can break down over time. We check to ensure everything is operating correctly on the track and remove any buildup of debris that may be present.

As part of our maintenance agreements, we can ensure your unit is maintained according to lift regulations so you’re in compliance at all times with the law. Usually our maintenance visits take up just a half hour of your time so you can get back to being productive in no time. Even for residential service, regular maintenance is key to ensuring your dumb waiter works when you need it to.

In short, proper maintenance will contribute to the functionality and longevity of your equipment. Not sure where to start? Please give us a call to speak to a Mowrey Sales Representative about our service options. We can suggest the right maintenance plan to keep your equipment in top working condition. Call us today at 800-441-4449 about our maintenance agreements, inspections and preventative care recommendations.