Reasons You Want to Install a Residential Lift/Elevator

Got a home with multiple levels? Are you tired of navigating up and down several flights of stairs a day? Do you entertain a lot and need an efficient way to get appetizers and drinks to your guests? You could benefit from installing a residential lift or elevator in your home. And believe it or not, it may not be as expensive or as invasive as you may assume.

Here are the top reasons why people install residential lifts and elevators in their homes.

Reason #1: Food Service

When your kitchen is on another floor from where your guests are congregating, an elevator or dumbwaiter can make it much easier to transport appetizers, meals, desserts and cocktails between floors. This saves you from making repeated trips heavily laden with trays of food and beverage. After all, that’s a trip hazard, not to mention if you drop the food, it will stain your flooring or you could get burned.  

Reason #2: To Help With Laundry

If your laundry room is located in the basement of your home like many people, you’re likely sick and tired of schlepping large loads of laundry up and down those steep, often uncarpeted stairs. A lift or elevator would haul those large bins of laundry up and down for you, with no fall or trip risk.

Reason #3: To Haul Your Luggage

If you’re all packed for a trip, you can simply place your heavy luggage in the elevator and it will be delivered to you on the ground floor where you can grab it and put it in your waiting vehicle. Same works on the return trip. Luggage can weigh hundreds of pounds, so why risk breaking your back before vacation when you can just use the lift?

Reason #4: To Transport Sports Equipment

If you have kids who play sports, especially sports with lots of awkward equipment like hockey or football, you know how heavy (and smelly) those bags can get. Throw their gear into the dumbwaiter and take it out at the destination floor (laundry room, perhaps?)  – all without having to drag it up and down stairs.

Reason #5: You or Someone You Love Has a Disability

If you are elderly or have a disability, it can be physically stressful, exhausting or impossible to walk up and down your stairs – let alone holding heavy groceries or laundry. When you use an elevator, you minimize that physical stress and hardship. Plus, you don’t have to face moving into a one-floor home, which can give you great peace of mind as you age in place.

Reason #6: You Want to Raise Your Property Value

Residential elevators and dumbwaiters increase the property value of your home. You may not even be planning to sell the home right now, but when you do go to sell it, potential buyers will likely pay more for such a convenience, especially for retirees or families with lots of children.

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