Top Home Elevator Misconceptions

What’s holding you back from installing an elevator in your home? Is it the stigma that you must be rich to have one? Or is it because you think it would just cost too much money? Do you think the home improvement process would be too invasive and disruptive to your family’s life? While they’re all valid concerns, they aren’t completely true.

Top Home Elevator Misconceptions

There are many home elevator misconceptions that we here at Mowrey would like to clear up.

Home Elevators Are Too Expensive

Your first thought is likely: I can’t afford an elevator…they’re only for the rich or for people with huge houses. This isn’t always the case. Home elevators are more affordable than you think, and anyone can install an elevator no matter how large or not-so-large their house is. For a full-sized elevator in your home, you’re looking at up to $30,000 and more with all the bells and whistles. But if this is too much for your budget, there are plenty of more affordable options that will only cost a couple of thousand dollars, such as stair chairs.

Power Outages Can Trap Us in the Elevator

Not so. Today’s home elevators are designed with safeguards in place to accommodate the risk of power outages. Residential elevators automatically start to lower in the event a power outage were to occur. The doors will open once the cab gets to the lowest floor, with no risk of becoming trapped.

The Cables Could Break

You may have seen this happen in the movies, but this is really an unfounded concern, especially in a residential setting. Elevators are not supported by one single cable; there are actually multiple cables that support the elevator. Each one is fully capable of supporting a loaded passenger car on its own.

If you’re worried about the risk of overloading, don’t be. If a car does become overloaded, an alarm will go off when extra weight is sensed. It won’t move between floors until that extra weight is removed.

Installation is Too Disruptive

If you think installing an elevator will take too long and disrupt your daily life, the time commitment isn’t as bad as you think. A standard home elevator takes about a week to install, with complex, very tall elevators taking about two weeks to install. A stair chair takes just hours to install. Don’t let the disruption deter you from installing a home elevator! They are well worth the momentary lapse in productivity for your family’s lifestyle.

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