Using a Dumbwaiter Safely

Dumbwaiters may have a funny name but they offer many great conveniences for today’s homeowner, from assistance with transportation of anything from food to laundry to sports equipment. However, there are quite a few things to remember to help properly maintain and use a dumbwaiter:

Dumbwaiter Safety

  • Read the owner’s manually completely before operating.
  • Adhere to regular maintenance schedules as recommended. Failure to do so can result in premature failure of the unit or multiple unnecessary repairs.
  • Use the dumbwaiter only for the items it was intended to carry. If you have a small dumbwaiter, don’t overload it with hundreds of pounds of stuff. Small trays of food and drinks would suffice. Bags of groceries, laundry, sports equipment and luggage can be used on larger dumbwaiters.
  • Call for repairs whenever there is an issue to prevent them from getting worse.
  • Wait for doors to open fully before reaching inside. Never pry the doors open. Likewise, don’t force them together.
  • Allow sufficient time for the dumbwaiter to arrive safely at its destination.
  • Do not allow children to play with the unit. Make sure they know not to climb inside and attempt to ride it.
  • Get your dumbwaiter inspected yearly, even in a residential setting.
  • Lubricate pulleys and tracks as needed.
  • Do not attempt to use a dumbwaiter during a storm in which an impending power outage is expected.
  • Do not over-use the dumbwaiter. Give it a break in between trips so it doesn’t overheat.
  • Never climb into the shaft or hoistway. Instead, always call a repair person skilled in elevator repair and replacement. They will have the proper equipment and tools to fix the situation.
  • To clean the interior of your dumbwaiter, use a damp cloth to gently clean up spills and crumbs.
  • Do not use cleaning agents that are not approved for your unit. For a regular yearly cleaning and inspection, call a professional.
  • Use caution when placing hot plates into the dumbwaiter and again when taking them out. Also understand that items may shift around during transportation so be extra careful when opening your dumbwaiter if any hot items are part of the cargo.
  • Know the limits of your dumbwaiter and heed all safety and usage codes.
  • Ask your elevator repair professional for more tips on safely maintaining your dumbwaiter and all associated accessories.

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