Why You Should Consider Building Up

Benefits of Building Up

Elevators were a much-needed invention that contributed to the innovation and efficiency of cities all over the world. Since the time of invention, elevators have enabled homeowners and builders to think bigger and higher when it comes to home and building design. Instead of adding on horizontally to your home or building, think about building UP! Here’s why:

  • Elevators increase property value: Elevators installed in your home or business will add value to your property, without the need for you to construct additional building space horizontally. This type of profitable investment can’t be ignored, especially if you’re looking to attract buyers in the next few years. Think about your own retirement, too, and that of your potential buyers. Even though you may not currently need to rely on an elevator, you may in the future as mobility diminishes. Aging in place: think about it!
  • Elevators improve your functionality: Instead of climbing stairs and moving heavy items down long stairways, an elevator will make these tasks much easier. If you own an apartment or office building, your tenants and visitors will appreciate the ease of function as well. Eliminating the legwork of traversing a home or business is a big benefit.
  • Elevators enhance security and safety: From small children to the elderly and everyone in between, elevators provide a safe, secure way to get from one floor to another. Running or even walking up and down stairs can lead to unfortunate accidents. Elevators as part of a total home security system can make your house even more secure.
  • Elevators are space savers: Taking up much less space than stairwells, elevators are a space saver and a convenience to many. Home and business owners can therefore increase the useable square footage of their structure, which also helps to increase future resale value. You can install an elevator on the exterior of the building so it’s flush with the wall, to save even more space.
  • Elevators make a statement: Adding an element of style and sophistication to any home, the sheer volume of design options is staggering. That means there’s a style and type that’s suited to your unique needs while making a statement at the same time. From classic wood veneer to modern brush nickel accents, elevators can symbolize luxury – something everyone wants to emulate.
  • Elevators make life easy: With the push of a button, you can traverse up and down easily, whether you’re just transporting yourself or a load of laundry, groceries or luggage.

Mowrey Elevator can help you simplify your life with the addition of an elevator. Why take up valuable real estate and expand outwardly when you can go UP? Give us a call today to learn about the many elevator options and repair services we offer.