Winterizing Your Elevators and Lifts

Elevators and cold weather aren’t always the best of friends. That’s why you have to do all you can before the brunt of winter hits to winterize your elevators and lifts. Preparing your elevator to handle the rigors of the upcoming bad weather is easy when you have a plan. Just remember, cold weather can have a negative impact on the functionality of your elevator system.

Winterizing Your Elevator

Now is the perfect time to do a thorough checkup. When working on winterizing your elevator, be sure to heed these tips:

  1. Check the Batteries

Always check your battery backup system on a regular basis in case of a power outage during an ice or snowstorm. Batteries and backup generators will ensure your elevators will still work so you won’t have an interruption in service. Make sure your batteries are fully charged at all times.

  • Accommodate Climate Controls

Don’t have climate-controlled elevator cars? Be sure to park them at climate-controlled floors when not in use, through installed devices that can automatically send a car to the chosen floor when the car is not needed. If you have a building that’s situated in extremely cold areas, put extra layers of insulation within machine rooms, particularly as it pertains to the tank and hoist way.

  • Lubricate Rails

Dry winter air temperatures will negatively impact the efficiency and function of your elevator or lift, so be sure to lubricate the rails well to reduce friction between them and the elevator during travel. Keep the hydraulic oil between 85° and 95° Fahrenheit.

  • Seal Drafts

Seal off any drafts or gaps around your elevator that could allow gusts of wind in. This wind can interfere with proper door operation. This is of particular concern in office and hotel lobbies. Your doors may not be able to close all the way if wind is a factor, as the shaft is like a chimney, causing air resistance.

  • Keep Temperatures Consistent

Your lift’s controls and motors will work best when you keep your floors dry and your machine rooms temperature controlled. If you are an elevator owner, you know how cold-weather fluctuations can pose a big challenge, threatening the safety of occupants and the functionality of the system itself. Condensation can spark an electrical malfunction with constant shifts from hot to cold temperatures. Routine maintenance by a qualified elevator technician is critical, as any issues can be addressed before they become major, costly concerns. Inconsistent temps can slow down your elevator, making it difficult to level properly to the floor.

  • Clear Snow and Ice Buildup

While elevator safety is something you should concern yourself with year-round, it’s even more vital in winter. If you see a buildup of water, ice and snow in your lobby landing or car door sills, address the issue immediately. Your passengers must be able to gain safe entrance and exit from your elevator cars at all times.

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