Hydraulic Jack Units

Hydraulic Jack Unit

Hydraulic Jack Unit

Hydraulic Jack Units are the mechanisms that allow you to move an elevator up and down to your floor of choice. In order to ensure your safety and satisfaction, each jack unit produced by Mowrey passes a comprehensive and extensive inspection before use. We offer Hydraulic Units for every elevator application, from in ground, to dual piston holeless, and telescopic.


  • In-Ground Jack Unit
  • Our in ground jack units are the most common recommendation, and they are capable of reaching up to eight landings (some restrictions apply).
  • Holeless Jack Units
  • Holeless jack units require no drilling, however they are limited to 2 or 3 stories for most applications (some restrictions apply).
  • Safety Bulkheads
    Hydraulic Jack Unit

    Hydraulic Jack Unit

    • Mowrey hydraulic cylinders are all equipped with the required safety bulkhead at the bottom of each cylinder.
    • A bulkhead is an internal secondary bottom that prevents the elevator from falling quickly if there should ever be a leak in the hydraulic cylinder.
    • Bulkheads help prevent injury in the event of a cylinder failure.

Important Facts:

  • Hydraulic Cylinders installed prior to 1972 did not require safety bulkheads. Due to electrolysis or rusting, elevator cylinders typically fail where the bottom is welded on.
  • In Florida, any elevator with a serial number of 9982 or lower may have a single bottom cylinder. Unless it can be documented to the state that is has a safety bulkhead, it will have to be replaced with a new “double bottom” cylinder with a safety bulkhead.

All equipment, whether manufactured in our plant, or purchased, is of the highest quality and meets or exceeds all local, state and national codes governing elevators.