Signal Fixtures

Signal Fixtures

Signal Fixtures

Up, down, door open, door close: these are all signal fixtures and they are all necessary to ensure a functional, operational, and safe elevator. Here at Mowrey Elevator, we take great pride in our work. This is true whether you need a repair, installation or part replacement. Our signal fixtures are no different, designed and assembled with careful precision in our Florida headquarters. In fact, every item undergoes rigorous testing before leaving our facility.

Products & Features:

  • Hall Fixtures
    • Vandal Resistant
    • Styles available include Stainless Steel or Muntz finishes.
  • Vandal Resident Buttons
    • Durable buttons made for high use applications.
    • Low voltage LED jewel center that illuminates when the car is called.
  • In-car digital position indicator
    • When the elevator car is moving, position indicators allow you to know exactly where the elevator is in relation to the floors of the building.

    Hall Stations

    Hall Stations

  • Code Compliant Operating Panels
  • Expandable features such as key switches, key pads, and integrated emergency telephone.
  • Hall Digital Position Indicator or Hall Lantern (Added Option)
    • By installing a position indicator or lantern in the hall location, those outside of the car will be able to know the position of the elevator when it is called.

Note: All equipment, whether manufactured in our plant, or purchased, is of the highest quality and meets or exceeds all local, state and national codes governing elevators.

What Fixtures Do

Light fixtures, for example, provide visual and audible indication that a car is about to arrive. They may also show the direction of travel when it leaves, or the position of the car within the hoistway. Such fixtures can also refer to the arrangement of buttons or other devices used by passengers to show where they want to go. These can be located in the lobby, hallways at each landing, at the entrance, or within the car itself.

Innovation over the years has led to numerous advancements in elevator lanterns and signal fixtures due to the ability to deliver high-quality products in a timely manner. There are often many standard and custom designs to choose from in order to meet all a client’s particular elevator fixture needs.

There are also safety regulations that must be met. In order to be ADA compliant, visible and audible signals must be provided at all hoistway entrances to illuminate which car is answering a call. Audible signals must sound once for the up direction and twice for the down direction or feature verbal annunciators that say “up” or “down.”

Types of Signal Fixtures

Typical signal fixtures on elevators include:

  • Deadman Controls (obsolete; used to be either be buttons (also known as Constant pressure control) or car switches (spring loaded crank)
  • Floor buttons: used to register the floor where you want to go to
  • Door open
  • Door close
  • Inch up and inch down buttons
  • Door control buttons
  • Key switches
  • “Firefighters’ Operation” Cabinet
  • Alarm, phone or intercom buttons
  • Call cancel button
  • Door hold/door delay button
  • To be used in case of fire only” buttons
  • Destination dispatch keypad
  • Arrival lanterns or chimes
  • Directional indicators
  • Operating status indicators
  • Destination indicators
  • Car operating panels for wheelchairs
  • Floor announcement
  • Attendant control switches

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