7 Amazing Elevator Designs

Not all elevators are as boring as the music they are synonymous with. In fact, here’s a look at seven mind-blowing elevators from around the world. These astounding elevators certainly make ascending and descending an amazing experience!

1.     Hammetschwand Elevator: Ennetbürgen, Switzerland

This Swiss elevator happens to hold the record for being the highest outdoor elevator in all of Europe. It connects a rocky footpath to a scenic look-out point that stretches 4,000 feet above sea level. Built in 1905, this elevator carries passengers 500 feet to the top of the mountain.

2.     Mercedes-Benz Museum Elevator: Stuttgart, Germany

While the cool cars take the top spot at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, the ultra-futuristic elevators here travel up the concrete walls like steel bugs. They’re very thin and sleek, foregoing the more common glass-walled design for a metal pod featuring a tiny viewing window.

3.     Lacerda Elevator: Bahia, Brazil 

This is Brazil’s first elevator and is still used today to connect the upper and lower districts of Salvador, Bahia. Built in 1873, this 27- foot lift adopts an art deco style that has become a popular landmark as a fully functioning public elevator. Ride one of its historic carriages down to the port and back.

4.     The Aquadom: Berlin, Germany

This elevator contains more than one million liters of water, a coral reef, and is home to nearly 2,600 fish from 56 different species. Love the idea of snorkeling, but won’t dip a toe in the ocean? Ride this lift instead! It rises straight through the center of the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium, right on up to the top of the Radisson Blu Hotel courtyard.

5.     Oregon City Municipal Elevator: Oregon City, OR

If you live in New York, you more than likely commute to work via the subway. If you live in Oregon City, you commute on the elevator. This happens to be the only outdoor municipal elevator in the United States, installed in the mid-1950s designed to connect two parts of the city that were separated by a cliff. It even has a UFO-like observation deck, shuttling more than 1,000 people back and forth every day.

6.     Skyview Elevator: Stockholm, Sweden

The largest spherical building in the world, the Eriksson Globe, has an equally curving elevator to get passengers to the top and back. The ball-shaped Skyview elevator is comprised of glass and steel, and never tilts or falls over because the base curves as it rises. The result? The floor inside is always level.

7.     Santa Justa Lift: Lisboa, Portugal

This ornate iron elevator is truly a gothic work of art. It’s the only remaining elevator in the city with the sole purpose of connecting its upper and lower sections. Built in 1905, the intricately decorated elevator is decorated in ironwork filigree and baroque flourish, an eye-catching mix of industrial severity backed by cathedral-like atmosphere.  

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