A Guide to Elevator Safety

Safety is of paramount importance when using an elevator. Whether you’re going one floor up or multiple floors down, always be conscious of elevator safety rules to not only ensure proper operation but to ensure no one gets injured. Here is your guide to elevator safety at work and at home.

Approaching an Elevator

  • Know your destination, pushing the call button just once for the direction (up or down) you want to go.
  • Look for the signal that announces your car’s arrival. Listen too, as there may be a chime as well.
  • Stand aside to let exiting passengers out. If the arriving elevator is full, wait for the next car.
  • Don’t put your hands, feet, briefcase or cane between closing doors to stop them. Just wait till the next elevator comes along.
  • Take the stairs in the event of a fire or other situation that may disrupt electrical service.

Entering and Exiting an Elevator

  • Be careful when entering and exiting. Passengers nearest the doors are expected to move first.
  • Once in the car, quickly press the button for the desired floor, moving to the back of the car so other passengers have room to get on.
  • Hold onto children and pets.
  • Stay clear of doors and keep clothes and luggage far from the opening.
  • Push and hold the open button if you see someone approaching the elevator.
  • Watch your step, as trips and falls cause most injuries on elevators. Heed the threshold before placing your foot in or out, as the cab floor may not be quite level with the lobby floor.

Riding on Elevators

  • Stand away from the doors, holding onto the handrail if available.
  • Watch floor indicators and get ready to exit at your destination.
  • If the doors fail to open when the car stops, push the open button. If that doesn’t work, press the alarm button or use the telephone/intercom. Wait patiently for assistance. Remember: the safest place in an elevator emergency is within the elevator itself!

If the Elevator Stops Between Floors

  • Push the alarm button and call for help.
  • Use the phone if there is one. If not, there should be a hands-free phone or intercom available. Follow instructions for use.
  • Don’t force open the doors and don’t attempt to leave the elevator.
  • Be patient knowing help is on the way. You have plenty of air, so try to relax.

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