Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Lifts in the Home

The decision to age in place is increasingly common among today’s older adults. Those with mobility problems know how difficult it can be to navigate a home that they used to be able to sprint around with ease. Wheelchair lifts may be the answer for those with temporary or permanent mobility problems.

If those problems have you confined to a wheelchair, getting through hallways and doorways can be difficult, to be sure. But what about getting between different levels of your home? This is where wheelchair lifts and elevators come in. They can transfer disabled people onto a secure platform so they can easily go between floors.

Here at Mowrey, we offer many options when it comes to ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts. Below are just a couple of the professional options we offer:


As a top name in wheelchair lifts, Savaria is backed by their dedication to making quality, custom products. Their line of vertical wheelchair platform lifts are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, with a rugged design resulting in unmatched durability meeting the strictest codes in North America. They offer:

  • Multilifts (vertical platform lift)
  • V-1504 lift for wheelchairs and passengers
  • M2lift with integrated upper landing gate with rust-resistant components, ideal for cold or coastal climates
  • Prolift vertical platform lift with smooth, quiet, efficient operation installed in either existing or new structures
  • Savaria Omega inclined platform lift to accommodate inside and outside curved stairs, spiral stairs and multiple levels, perfect for access over commercial stairs

Inclinator Company of America

In business since the 1920s, Inclinator makes wheelchair lifts that can meet specific needs. From standard features to custom accessories and finishing, you’re sure to find the unit you want. Some of the standard features include:

  • Cabs: 100, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500
  • Custom cab sizes up to 15 sq. ft. or more
  • Gate or door openings on one or two sides
  • All wood species available
  • Commercial-grade laminate flooring featuring wood grain finish
  • Automatic gate and door operator available
  • Two LED ceiling lights
  • Flat wood handrail
  • Cab operating panel
  • Hall station at every landing
  • Available with any drive system

Benefits of Wheelchair Lifts

There are many advantages to installing a wheelchair lift.

Wheelchair lifts…

Give You More Independence

With such lifts, you have the freedom to access all areas of your home. Plus, you can remain in your home for many more years instead of downsizing, moving into a retirement community or moving into a nursing home.

Add Convenience to Your Day

In addition to transporting yourself, you can also use lifts to transport luggage, groceries, sporting equipment, and laundry from one floor to the next.

Are Economical and Practical

Wheelchair-bound homeowners can live independently without always having to rely on caregivers, which saves money and gives peace of mind.

Contact Mowrey Elevator

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