Why Choose Mowrey Elevator?

Here at Mowrey Elevator Company, we pride ourselves on providing professional and quality elevator design, installation and service. Through our industry updates we are committed to also providing information and helpful information regarding all aspects of elevator operation. While that is true, we are also often asked what makes Mowrey stand apart from the competition. With more than 40 years of experience, we’re your go-to provider of all elevator needs. From manufacturing to contracting, we provide five key services for our valued clients. We were established in 1976 and have since become a leader in the Southeast for the design, manufacture and installation of more than 15,000 elevators ranging from dumbwaiters to stair lifts.

Why Choose Mowrey Elevator

Here, we’ll go into detail on each service area so you can make the best choice in residential and commercial elevator solutions.


We are leading manufacturers of all types of vertical transportation systems. Using state of the art technologies, materials and best practices, we can ensure high-quality systems that put elevator safety at the forefront. We work out of our 350,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Marianna, Florida, featuring many service center locations throughout the area.


As one of the largest privately-owned elevator companies in the country, you can rest assured our reputation of service is built on proven results. We consistently go beyond the industry standard and boast all the necessary state and national certifications. We offer a 24-hour service hotline so you can call us whenever you need to.

We offer:

  • Mowrey Maintenance Agreement: Covers all preventative maintenance such as parts and labor, and even repairs arising from normal wear and tear. Factory-trained on our own products as well as those of all the major manufacturers, our technicians can get the parts you need and install them quickly.
  • Mowrey Inspection Services: These meet the standards of the National Elevator Code and the State of Florida.
  • Elevator Telephone Service: Each month, we test our elevator phones to ensure they are working properly and that they are 100 percent ADA compliant.

We are big believers in regular maintenance. When you take care of your elevator on a regular basis, you help it function better and enjoy a longer lifespan.


Our technicians can install anything from passenger and freight to hydraulic and traction elevators for both residential and commercial clients. Check out our online catalog to see what parts and manufacturers we work with.


If you own an elevator of any kind in your home, we can install, service and maintain it. We offer a variety of styles to suit your personal taste, as well as to comply with building codes. We can also make custom home elevators within our manufacturing plant. In addition, we are an authorized dealer of Savaria products such as wheelchair lifts that we can purchase and install to help make accessing upper floors easier for those with challenges.


In addition to elevator expertise, we are also highly qualified and experienced to drill hydraulic cylinder holes through any ground-formation.

As you can see, Mowrey Elevator wears many hats when it comes to providing solutions for our clients. Call our repair hotline now at 800-441-4449 to learn more about what we do.