Elevator Design: Considerations

Selecting the right design for your elevator will certainly improve its aesthetics, but more importantly it will improve the accessibility, functionality, convenience and safety of your building. The goal should be for your elevator entrance to look attractive to clients and tenants while at the same time improving the public’s security.

Elevator Design

In addition to the entrance frame, there are other design components that take priority. Today we will specifically focus on cab design.

First Impressions Count

Visual aesthetics play a big part in making a good first impression to tenants, guests and visitors. The elevator entrance and cabs are often the first things your visitors see upon entering your building. That means you only have a few seconds to make that great first impression – that’s all made possible with a well-designed elevator.


A well-designed elevator also helps to instill trust in passengers. A poorly designed or outdated elevator, on the other hand, can instill uncertainty in riders, which is what you don’t want. You don’t want anyone questioning the safety of your elevator. If it looks like it’s been a couple of decades since you last updated your elevator, your guests may equate that with poorly maintained mechanical elements. Overall, you want to give your passengers a sense of safety and comfort when they use your elevators and visit your building.

Showcase Your Branding

An elevator is the perfect place to display your company colors, logo, and other visual elements that are unique to your brand. You can add vinyl wraps printed with your logo to the doors or cab walls to put forth a professional working environment.

Aesthetic Appeal

Strong cab design boosts the aesthetics of your building as a whole while increasing your property value. Just keep in mind that the design should harmonize with the overall building design.

There are some trends you may want to consider to help make your elevator design most appealing:

  • Stainless Steel: This is a durable, environmentally sustainable, versatile and hygienic material that you can use to enhance lighting effects.
  • Metallic Accents: These add a classy yet minimalist style to your cabs with accents of gold, brass, bronze, silver, polished silver, or nickel.
  • Glass: Glass-enclosed cabs highlight the beauty of your building’s architecture as well as external scenery. Another benefit of glass cabs is the infiltration of natural light and greenery.
  • Wood Veneer: This combines the durability with the rustic charm and warmth of real wood. Choose form cherry, oak, birch, or walnut.
  • Bold Colors: Vivid colors such as bright blues, reds, and purples are trending right now.
  • Natural Tones: On the flip side, natural tones are also popular. Soft, light, warm neutral tones add a sense of peace and calm to your cab.


The right design elements can also enhance the functionality and accessibility of your elevator. For instance, mirrors make the inside of your cab look more spacious while reducing the sense of claustrophobia. And well-designed handrails offer more balance and support to riders.

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