Elevator Design: Form vs. Function

elevator-designThere’s no doubt as to the functional advantages to the modern elevator. After all, it has shaped how we live and do business today, spurring the proliferation of high rises throughout the 20th century. However, elevators blend both form and function to create an aesthetically pleasing internal design coupled with workable features that combine for an unmistakable benefit to humans. Who says form has to be sacrificed for function when it comes to elevators?

Today’s elevators don’t just serve a purpose – to travel seamlessly between floors – they can also be designed to complement and enhance the architecture of a home or business. Engineered to meet high standards of precision, elevators large and small include design options that match a building’s architecture for a beautiful blend of style and functionality. In addition to that, they can be engineered in conjunction with a building’s existing mechanical, electrical and structural systems to provide a safe, flawless addition to any home or office.

A high-quality elevator and or dumbwaiter should be able to meet the following specifications:

  • Top-notch performance
  • High safety standards and codes
  • Space efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Green energy rating
  • Design choices: colors, décor, styles and textures for walls and floors
  • Variety of styles: contemporary, traditional, etc.
  • Variety of sizes and configurations

Here at Mowrey Elevator, we have been manufacturing and installing elevators for 40 years, all built according to personal specifications such as style and design but also individual building codes and architectural demands. Not only do we offer standard features in our residential units, for example, such as flat wall cab and ceiling design, we also offer add-ons that can be customized to each client such as custom wood, trim and panels. The possibilities are endless: glass elevators, rich wood paneling, mosaics, mirrors, phones – you name it, it can be done!

We realize it’s important to create elevators, lifts and dumbwaiters that don’t look technical and sterile. Whether it’s located in a commercial building or residential dwelling, it’s important for the overall design to have a positive impact on the overall décor. Elevators can be blended in with the deep wood stain of a surrounding wall, for example, or be disguised as a kitchen appliance or cabinet. Customers purchase elevators for their function, of course, but equally as important is the compatibility with the surrounding environment to create an eye-catching and pleasurable design element.

To find out how form and function can blend seamlessly with one another, consult with Mowrey Elevator toll free at 1-800-441-4449. We can show you how our precision products are engineered to meet strict building codes and architectural elements as well as personal and business design goals.