Elevator Maintenance: Is it Time to Service Your Elevator?

From sluggish elevators to weird noises to the date on the calendar, there are many things that will clue you into the fact that your elevator needs servicing – or even replacement. But even with regular repairs and seasonal maintenance, your elevator won’t last forever. Make sure you are on a maintenance program with your elevator service provider so you don’t miss something crucial.

Regularly Maintain Your Elevator

Check out these four signs you may need service, repair or replacement.

  1. Your elevator is slowing down. This is one of the most common signs…a change of speed. It may be worn down over time because it’s repeatedly lowering and lifting large amounts of people every single day. If you notice it has begun to slow down, contact your local elevator inspectors to determine the problem.
  2. Your elevator is mid-leveling on the regular. This is dangerous because it puts passengers at risk for trips and falls. This is when an elevator stops slightly below or above the floor where it’s supposed to stop. This is a sign the brakes are starting to wear and need replacement.
  3. Your elevator breaks down regularly. Sometimes, the elevator is just too old. This leads to repeated repairs that are costing you unnecessary amounts of money. If your elevator breaks down a lot even though you get seasonal maintenance and regular repairs, replacement may be imminent. Remember: elevators are investments. If you’re not enjoying a solid ROI, your elevator must be replaced.
  4. The calendar says so. Depending on your city or state, you need to conduct regular service or maintenance to keep up your certificate. Pay close attention to that date and make sure to get regular inspections and maintenance.

How Does Preventative Maintenance Help?

Preventative maintenance is critical, as you can’t afford the downtime associated with “surprises” that pop up with last-minute repairs, breakdowns and failed inspections, especially when you are facing the busiest days of the year. Keep up with preventive maintenance to reduce your costs, both now and in the future.  

You can also prolong the life of your machinery, which saves you money in the long run. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Regular, on-site preventive maintenance is a must if you are looking to sustain the performance and improve the lifespan of your elevator.
  • Emergency repairs aren’t cheap, especially if happening after hours or on the weekend.
  • If you ignore preventive maintenance until the elevator system becomes a liability or no longer complies with law, those problems get even more tough to fix, thereby taking even more of your time, patience and money.
  • Address those small issues now with regular maintenance so you can be sure your elevator will last as long as it should. Who can afford to replace an elevator five years before they have to?

Contact Mowrey Elevator

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