Elevator Safety Tips for Kids

As parents of young children, it’s important to remind them about elevator safety. It may seem simple, but oftentimes, kids need gentle reminders about how to stay safe on things like elevators, escalators and moving walks.

Elevator Safety Tips for Kids

It’s important to make sure children know these machines are not rides. They have the potential for serious injury, so go over these tips with them before visiting places with elevators:

  • Always let others exit before boarding the car.
  • Get in and out quickly.
  • Push the “door open” button if people are rushing to get to the car.
  • Watch your step when entering or exiting, as the doors may not be level with the floor.
  • Use the alarm or help button if you need it, but only in the event of an emergency.
  • Wait for help to arrive if you are stuck.
  • Don’t try to stop closing doors with your hands, feet or body.
  • In the event of a fire or fire drill, use the stairs and not the elevator.
  • Don’t climb out of a stalled elevator or attempt to pry open closed doors.

Here are some more suggestions when talking about elevators to your kids. While you may think you’ll always be there to remind them of safe use, there may be a time when they will use elevators without you. Instill good safety practices now.

Set a Good Example

As a parent, you know your kids are always watching you. Model good behavior when using elevators. This means holding doors for others open with the open button, rather than your hands, arms, legs or feet. If the elevator isn’t too crowded, take this time to instill good manners and allow women and children to exit the elevator car first. When cars are crowded, it’s better if everyone just gets off as quickly as they can when at their floor rather than create stop-gaps.

Set the Right Expectations

Have a chat with your kids about what to do in certain events, like when the elevator stops between floors. Tell them not to force the doors open. They should press the alarm or help button, or call for help with a cell phone. Then, they should wait for help to arrive. It can be scary to be trapped in an elevator. Assure them that they will have plenty of air to breathe and that emergency lights will turn on when there is a power outage. Also, assure them that the cables will not break.

All of these things may seem obvious to you, but can be quite scary and confusing in kids. In addition to telling them of the dangers, reassure them that elevators, by design, are incredibly safe modes of transportation. If you own an elevator, such as property managers and business owners, make sure you don’t neglect basic elevator maintenance to keep occupants safe. Rely on Mowrey Elevator for regular safety checks.