Keep Your Elevator on the Nice List

Santa’s watching! Make a list and check it twice; keep up with elevator maintenance to make sure your elevator stays nice! Here’s how you can ensure your elevator operates to the best of its ability and gives you a long lifespan through 2024 and beyond.

Elevator on the Nice ListPerform Routine Elevator Inspections

Routine elevator inspections by a professional are crucial if you want to prevent problems before they become bigger and more unsafe. Routine maintenance will serve to preserve the condition of your elevator and reduce the potential for time consuming and costly repairs.

Abide by Elevator Safety Regulations

Commercial elevators can become dangerous places when local safety standards are ignored. It’s important to follow all necessary regulations to reflect regional best practices, reduce the risk of fines, and ensure a safe environment for your guests.

Be Prepared with Emergency Lighting and Communication

Emergencies unfortunately can and do happen, but you can minimize their potential by being prepared in the event of malfunction. Your elevator likely has a battery backup system that will ensure it works in power outages, as well as emergency lighting and communication methods. Make sure these systems are working and call a professional to perform routine repairs and diagnostics.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

It’s important to stay proactive when it comes to your elevator maintenance practices so you can quickly resolve problems when they do arise. Do periodic checkups of your elevator to spot potential issues, especially if you own or manage a commercial building where elevators are tasked with heavy loads daily.

Inspect the Machine Room and Pit

The elevator machine room and pit should be kept spotless at all times. This spot should never be used as a storage location for anything other than equipment related to your elevator. Check for leaks in the pit while ensuring the sump pump is operational. Keeping these areas clean will make it easier to spot problems.

Keep up With an Elevator Service Schedule

It’s easy to let elevator maintenance and inspections fall by the wayside, which can compromise safety and efficiency. Take the time to schedule a regular maintenance routine with your trusted elevator service provider. They will be able to catch issues before they get worse.

Just like Santa relies on his reindeer and elves to make sure Christmas is a success, you too need to rely on your trusted elevator maintenance team to ensure your equipment stays in good, safe working order. Stay on the nice list this year and off the naughty list by following the above tips.

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