ME 200 Cab vs ME 225 Cab

When trying to decide on the right cab for your elevator, it can be confusing to keep all the features straight. Here at Mowrey, we offer two main types: the ME 200 and ME 225 cabs. Both are made with durable materials and are fabricated by our skilled technicians. We operate out of a 350,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Marianna, Florida.

Let’s go over the features of each.


Both the ME 200 Cab and ME 225 Cab have the same cab and ceiling height availability:

  • 8′ 6″ cab height with 8′ 0″ ceiling
  • 9′ 0″ cab height with 8′ 6″ ceiling
  • 10′ 0″ cab height with 9′ 6″ ceiling

Car Top

Both feature wood construction, including an emergency exit.

Front Return

Both have Applied #4 stainless steel car station featuring plastic laminate front walls.


Both feature hollow metal, horizontal single sliding featuring plastic laminate finish, with a standard door height of 7’-0”.


Both come with standard #4 stainless steel.


Both have suspended prismatic light-diffuser ceiling panels encased in an aluminum frame with fluorescent lighting. The standard ceiling height is 7’-6”, with cab height of 8’-0”.


Both have die cast aluminum sills.


Both have cylindrical or flat bar handrails, with #4 stainless steel on the back wall.


Both come with standard 1/16 vinyl composition tile flooring or commercial grade carpeting. Choose from a standard selection of colors. But if you want other custom floor finishes, Mowrey can prepare the sub-floor to meet your specific requirements.


There is one main difference between the ME 200 Cab and ME 225 Cab:

  • The ME 200 has durable wood construction walls for optimal sound insulation, covered with 1/16 plastic laminate on cab interior. Choose from many standard color options.
  • The ME 225 also features durable wood construction walls for optimal sound insulation. However, it features applied plastic laminate wall panels with a 2″ plastic laminate reveal.

There are many upgrade options available with each feature, including steel construction walls with enamel finish, glassback, and custom wall panels made of stainless steel or muntz, upgrades to the frame from #4 stainless steel #8 stainless steel and muntz, and 30, 36, and 40 down light ceiling options for 4,000 lb. capacity cabs and higher.

Request specs and more info on either of these cabs when you visit our website. Keep in mind, all accessories include bumper rails, pads and hooks to protect your cab walls.

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