Preparing for Winter – Elevator Maintenance and Safety

As we move into the winter months, it’s important to address critical maintenance issues so everyone who uses your elevators stays safe. From slippery floors to wet umbrellas and shoes, there are many dangers that can be present in your lobbies and elevators. Take the time to make sure those safety issues are fixed and engage in regular maintenance to ensure problems don’t crop up throughout the season.

Winter Maintenance for Elevators

Here’s Your Winter Elevator Maintenance Checklist

1.     Clean Up Spills, Snow and Ice Buildup Immediately

Clean up spills as they happen, and mop up puddles that may form from people tracking in rain and mud from outdoors. Be on constant lookout for the buildup of water, ice and snow, not just at the lobby landing but in car door sills as well. It’s important to ensure safe entrance and exit from cars for passengers, as you don’t want a slip and fall case on your hand. Not only could someone get hurt, you could put yourself in legal hot water. 

2.     Keep Things Lubricated

Your elevator is vulnerable to inefficiency and dysfunction due to dry winter air temps. This can sap your elevator components of much-needed oil. Check that your rails are well-lubricated to prevent friction between the rails and the elevator while traveling. Make sure your hydraulic oil stays at a temperature of 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

3.     Close Up Drafts

Your elevator doors may not operate effectively if gusts of wind are allowed to infiltrate the lobby area. Check for drafts or gaps around the elevator, particularly around lobby doors. Your doors may not be able to close all the way if drafts are causing resistance.

4.     Test Backup Batteries

It’s common to lose power during snow, ice and wind storms. You can’t afford to be without a backup battery system in place that works when it’s supposed to. If your elevator shut down during a power outage, passengers could be trapped inside. Regularly check that your backup battery system is charged.

5.     Keep Consistent Temperatures

Your elevator’s motors and controls will work in optimal condition when your floors are dry and your machine rooms are temperature controlled. Fluctuations in cold weather can threaten the safety and functionality of your elevator. You don’t want to see constant shifts from hot to cold temperatures, which will result in condensation that can lead to an electrical malfunction. Plus, inconsistent temps make your elevator operate sluggishly and it may not be able to level out properly.

If you have climate controlled elevator cars, great. If not, make sure to park them at floors that are climate controlled when not in use. You can also install a special device that automatically sends cars to a specified floor when a car is not needed for service. If you are located in a very cold climate, add extra insulation to your machine rooms.

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