Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Elevator Maintenance Company

Not all elevator companies are created equal. As a property manager looking to hire an elevator maintenance company, you have to do your due diligence in researching the companies that are out there. Asking the right questions will ensure you choose the best provider possible. Here are a few essential questions to ask prior to hiring an elevator maintenance company.

Questions To Ask Elevator Maintenance Company

Have you provided training to the mechanic for my type of elevator equipment?

You must ensure that the company you hire has the expertise and experience to keep your system running safely. If the company doesn’t have a lot of experience or training with your specific type of elevator, you are putting yourself, your customers and tenants at risk.

How many elevators is your route mechanic responsible for?

If you mechanic’s route is overloaded, he or she won’t be able to perform all the required maintenance within a timely manner. Don’t hire a company if it seems that they assign too many elevators to one mechanic, or you won’t be getting the service you are paying for.

How large of a geographical area is the mechanic responsible for?

In the same vein, if the mechanic is responsible for too large of an area, this can impact response times for service calls. The route mechanic should have a route that’s fairly close to your building.

Do you have backup personnel?

In the event the main route mechanic is overloaded, make sure the company has backup personnel in place near you that can get to your building in an emergency.

What is the ratio of supervisors to route mechanics?

All elevator mechanics should have the training and ability to repair most problems that come up, but in the event a problem is too complex or complicated for the mechanic, make sure the company has adequately trained support to make the repair as soon as possible. A low ratio of supervisors to route mechanics is what you want to see.

Do you have a local repair team?

Some repairs demand higher levels of manpower than the regular route mechanic can offer. Make sure the company can deploy a team in your area to make big repairs and thus decrease downtime for your business.

Do you have on-call personnel 24 hours a day?

Elevator problems rarely wait for 9 to 5. Make sure the elevator maintenance company has the necessary resources to handle any calls that may come in off-hours.

Does your route mechanic carry inventory in his or her vehicle?

The mechanic’s truck should be stocked with the most common parts necessary to fix the most common elevator problems. Ask if the mechanic has a mobile inventory stocked with parts specific to your type of elevator.

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