Signs It’s Time to Replace and Update Your Elevator

If you own an elevator, you know how valuable regular upkeep and maintenance can be in regard to extending the life of your unit. However, at some point, your elevator will simply get old and reach the end of its useful life. Or, perhaps you’re facing a remodel of your building and it’s time to update the elevators you currently have. Whatever the case, here are some common signs that it’s time to replace or update your elevator.

Signs To Replace and Update Your Elevator
  • Elevator is not level with the floor: While it may not seem like a critical issue at the time, this is actually a major issue in terms of elevator safety. When the elevator doesn’t level flush with the floor, instead rising a few inches or up to a foot above or below the entrance, people getting on and off can get hurt. The biggest cause of mis-leveling? Worn out brakes. We don’t have to tell you that a major failure in this regard can be very expensive, not to mention dangerous if not addressed right away.
  • Speed Changes: If you are experiencing sudden and erratic changes in the speed of the elevator, you may want to consider replacement. This issue is fairly common in frequently-used elevators by varying amounts of people. All that stress on the elevator parts has likely resulted in wear and tear to such a point that repair is no longer an option.
  • Constant Shutdowns: Frequent breakdowns signal the need for replacement. One breakdown isn’t necessarily cause for alarm, but if you get one fixed, then another repair need pops up right after, with a continuing pattern, it’s probably time for replacement. You’ll spend much more on those frequent elevator repairs than you will if you just replace the whole mechanism.
  • Obsolete elevator parts: The top reason to upgrade your elevator system model is when advancements in the market begin to push out the availability of old parts. When you get much past the 20-year mark, there’s a scarcity of replacement parts that are being made, which means it takes longer to get the parts you need and they cost more. Plus, the lack of new models entering the market featuring those parts will eventually drive your total maintenance and repair costs upward. With every passing year, your elevator will need more repairs, increasing your cost and your downtime. The logical progression from there is to upgrade the old system with a brand new one.

Elevator replacement is not only a cost-effective way to reduce the need for constant repairs, it also happens to be the safest solution for your passengers. For more information on how Mowrey can repair, replace or update your elevator, contact us today or send a repair request online.