The Role of An Elevator in Aging at Home

More seniors than ever are opting to stay in their homes rather than downsize or go into assisted living. In fact, the AARP says that 77 percent of adults over 50 wish to remain in their homes for the long haul so they can age in place. Aging in place essentially means you want to stay in your home in your golden years rather than getting a smaller home or moving into senior home community.

Aging at Home

That being said, only two in 10 Americans over 70 say they are unable to live independently without caregiver assistance or home modifications. Mowrey Elevator can help with the home modifications aspect, as we offer a variety of stair chairs and wheel chair lifts for our aging customers.

Adapting to Change

Change is never easy. You need to accept your limitations and adapt if you want to live out your days on your terms. This means you need to make changes to your existing home so it can better accommodate your needs in a safe and efficient manner. Older adults or disabled adults may not need complete help with everything on a daily basis. Sometimes, they just need some help navigating stairs or getting around better in their wheelchair.

Physical limitations often lead to loss of personal independence, which can be difficult for anyone but especially so for a previously-independent senior who has always looked out for themselves. But stair chairs and wheel chair lifts make a great addition to the home and can blend in seamlessly without taking independence away.

A previously-easily-navigable home can pose a big challenge when you have mobility problems. You can:

  • Install a stair lift or stair chair to safely get up and down the stairs. This allows you to take advantage of all floors without assistance.
  • Install wheel chair lifts to gain access to various floors of the house for those who are wheelchair-bound.

There are other great uses of these lifts, too. You could carry items safely between levels, anything from groceries to laundry. These lifts also help to reduce the chances of a fall or getting hurt and requiring hospitalization and rehabilitation. Plus, you can reduce or eliminate the expense of hiring a caregiver for daily tasks.

Something many people don’t talk about enough is the fact that seniors who feel a loss of control in their surroundings are more prone to depression. One study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in LeadingAge says that social isolation and feelings of inadequacy are connected with higher rates of depression, associated with increased risk of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension; decreased quality of life; and reduced physical and mental function.

The use of helpful technology such as lifts in the home can go a long way toward preserving independence in aging adults.

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