Things To Look For When Considering Replacing Your Elevator

If the elevator in your apartment or business building is getting on in years or is frequently needing repairs, it may be time for an update or replacement. There are many things that could be prompting you to replace your elevator, from tenant complaints to repeated parts replacement. Here are a few reasons why now is a good time to replace or update your unit.

Time To Replace Elevator

Slow Speed

Have you noticed a change in speed? Was it efficient and fast before, but now it’s slowing down? This is normal over time. A lot of wear and tear happens to an elevator over the years, as large parties pile into it, with frequent stops at several floors throughout the day. The strain of daily heavy loads can certainly take a toll. This poses a safety hazard on passengers. Start planning a replacement or update, and redirect everyone to the stairs to get the job done promptly.


It’s common for an older elevator to stop a little above or below the floor it’s on. This can cause a tripping hazard. Plus, it signals that the brakes are wearing down, which is a safety concern as well. Mid-leveling comes on slowly over time, so slowly that you may not notice it right away.  As the brakes degrade further, you will notice much more of an impact in the form of tripping and falling. You’ll have to have the elevator inspected and brakes repaired or replaced.

Frequent Breakdowns 

Often the doors don’t open or close when you want them to, the elevator simply stops working, the buttons don’t work or you’re experiencing several floor malfunctions every week. These are all signs that it’s time for replacement. Constant breakdowns are the biggest reason property managers have to update their elevator systems. If you’ve had the elevator repaired several times and replaced the same parts, start the search for a replacement.

What to Do

Once you have ordered a replacement for your elevator, you’ll have to post warnings to tenants and visitors about the impending update. You’ll have to make special arrangements for the elderly and physically challenged. In the future, make sure to stay on top of yearly inspections and get issues repaired quickly to prevent the need for premature and costly replacement. Through regular inspections, you will be notified of issues before they become worse – and more expensive than they have to be.

By planning ahead, you can schedule repairs or replacements during holidays or other periods of downtime when the building is less populated.

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