Why You Need a Dumbwaiter

Residential Dumbwaiter

This useful piece of technology may sport a funny name but its use is invaluable in today’s commercial kitchens and even residential homes. It’s a simple yet important invention designed to enhance the operation of a home or business through the safe and efficient moving of objects from floor to floor. It can be used for food transport, laundry, luggage or anything else you don’t want to lug up and down the stairs.

Here are a few reasons why you need a dumbwaiter:

Food Service. Say your kitchen is on one floor yet you’re entertaining guests on another. How will you get that food to them without burning yourself or dropping it? You don’t have to haul trays of food between floors when you have a dumbwaiter. All you have to do is prepare the food, send it up in the dumbwaiter, and retrieve it at the top. The food is still hot and you haven’t risked life and limb from tripping on your way up the stairs. Likewise, if you own a restaurant, hospital, nursing home or school and need a quick way to get hot food to everyone who needs it within a timely manner, a dumbwaiter is invaluable.

Disabilities. If you are elderly or have a disability that prevents you from readily going up and down the stairs with heavy objects, you can use a dumbwaiter to transport those items for you, such as groceries and luggage. Using an elevator cuts down on the physical stress that comes from old age and disabilities. WebMD says awkward positions and heavy physical work are the two major causes of neck injuries. Save yourself the pain and stress: get a dumbwaiter.

Sports Equipment. If you’re a family with kids in sports, you know just how heavy those bags and equipment can be. It’s enough you have to drag them in from the car! With a dumbwaiter, just place everything inside and push the button to your desired floor. Everything from football equipment to baseball gear can be neatly stowed and transported.

Property Value. Even if selling your home right now is not exactly on your radar, keep in mind these elevators can boost the property in your residential homes. This could become a huge selling point for a buyer who is older or disabled, or for families with multiple children.

Laundry. If your laundry room is in the basement or bottom floor – which most are – you are probably sick of the backaches you get from hauling bins of laundry up and down to everyone’s room. Not only are those bins heavy, you also run the risk of tripping over a sheet and falling down the stairs.

If you think a dumbwaiter sounds good right about now, contact Mowrey Elevator today. We have all the latest models to meet your exact needs and budget!