3 Ways Modernization Can Help You Save on Repair and Maintenance Costs

Elevator modernization is a necessary part of property ownership or management. It’s in your own best interests to keep up with maintenance, as it will save you a lot of money over the long haul. In addition to saving cash, it also boosts the value of your property, improves safety, saves energy, and helps you stay in compliance with local codes. On top of all that, you can increase traffic flow and ensure everyone gets where they need to be quickly, efficiently and safely.

Here are three specific ways in which elevator modernization can help you save on repair and maintenance costs.

Elevator Modernization

1.         Motor Drive Replacement

Things have come a long way since the earliest motor generator technologies, which converted AC building power to DC power to operate the DC hoist motor. Back then, DC motors were the motor of choice over AC motors. But today, modern AC digital drives are where it’s at, as these eliminate the requirement of converting from AC to DC power.

They also offer these benefits:

•          Extensive energy savings due to the fact that the power is only needed when the elevator is running.

•          Regenerative drives may be used under the right conditions, bringing more power back to the building.

•          Less heat generation results, which takes less work from the cooling systems.

Whereas old DC drive systems used more than 40,000 kWh of electricity every year, today’s modern drives save property managers about 72 percent in annual energy costs.

Conversion of a DC motor to an AC motor can offer you even more cost savings in regards to:

•          Better power factor correction, which in turns slashes your electricity bills.

•          More efficiency requires the use of less energy.

•          Heat reduction decreases the amount of cooling required by the building’s HVAC system.

When you replace DC motors with their modern counterparts, you are doing your part to reduce BYU loading by nearly half.

2.         Smart Controllers

Modern digital controllers utilize statistical information and advanced algorithms to get information on maximum performance levels and better energy efficiency. Typically, this happens via the continuous scanning of all activity, with the re-assignment of calls if needed in an effort to cut down on wait times and reduce energy consumption. New hoist motors and modern controllers may slash electrical usage by 60 percent.

3.         Ride Quality

An elevator modernization program can also increase passenger ride quality through the smooth acceleration and deceleration of the cart, along with minimized noise and vibration. In addition, newer systems give off fewer airborne pollutants and, as a result, require less-frequent cleaning and better air quality. Because they have smaller footprints, they have the ability to free up valuable space.

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