5 MORE Things Not to do in an Elevator

More Elevator Don't-Dos

Last month, we talked about some things you should never do in an elevator. Some were obvious, some were in line with common courtesy and some were just plain funny. Now, we add to that list with five more things to refrain from doing in an elevator.

  1. Don’t perform any sort of personal hygiene practices, including clipping nails, brushing hair, putting on makeup or hefting on a pair of panty hose. You never know with whom you’re sharing an elevator, and you don’t want to run into someone who turns out to be your new boss upstairs. Plus, clipping your nails in public? That’s just gross.
  2. Do be discreet about things you can’t control. If you have to sneeze, use your arm to hide it. Don’t mist everyone on the car with your germs. If you have to blow your nose, do it quietly, and always cough into a handkerchief or tissue. If you pass gas, murmur a quick apology and move on with your life. No one, as far as we know, has ever died of embarrassment.
  3. Don’t squeeze into a full elevator. Don’t be that guy – you know, the one that makes the whole car wait while he runs down the hallway and then crams into an already-full elevator. Etiquette says, if you can’t get to the elevator before the doors close naturally, simply wait for the next elevator. Doing otherwise only shows the other passengers you don’t value their time or comfort.
  4. Don’t continue on with current conversations. If you are with another person and are having a conversation, whether about business or just chatting with a friend, cease all conversation once on board the elevator. While it’s fine to say hello or good morning to others in the car, wait to resume your conversation until you emerge from the car, especially if the talk was about gossip that could be overheard. Basically, don’t divulge personal information of any kind in a public confined space.
  5. Don’t carry big, bulky items up high. Instead, store all these objects at your feet, such as shopping bags or backpacks. For briefcases and purses, hold them low either in front of you or to the side. In addition to that, try not to move around too much, as this can annoy fellow passengers and make them nervous – not to mention it encroaches on their personal space. Even texting while riding can cause you to bump into other passengers. Keep your hands and feet to yourself, and refrain from unnecessary movement until it’s time to depart.

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