All About Mowrey Elevator

Mowrey Elevator Company Inc. was born in 1976 in Davie, Florida. It was our goal to create a company that could put residential homeowners and commercial business owners in touch with an easy and affordable way to add elevators and lifts to their structures. The response we got was so great and demand so high that we opened a newer, bigger facility in 1984 in Blountstown, Florida.

Still, more space was needed with our continued growth. We opened our current location in Marianna, Florida in 1997, clocking in at 380,000 square feet. This boost in space allowed us to fabricate almost all pieces we produce right here on site.

Our fearless founder is Timothy S. Mowrey, Sr., nicknamed “The Elevator Man”®. He’s an elevator consultant and member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a group that’s responsible for writing and adopting national elevator codes.

Today, Mowrey Elevator is still proud to be a family-owned company with hundreds of dedicated employees who are committed to customer service across our many service center locations.

We serve the Southeast in design, manufacture, and installation of 15,000+ elevators, dumbwaiters, stair lifts and more.

5 Reasons to Partner with Mowrey

If you are in need of installation or repair of elevators and related systems, we are the ones to call. Here are the top five reasons why we are the best around:

Mowrey is:

  1. A leading manufacturer of vertical transportation systems thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, best practices, and materials. Our high-quality systems are designed to keep you safe.
  2. Skilled in repair and installation of passenger, freight, hydraulic and traction elevators, we are happy to specialize in both residential and commercial products.
  3. A trusted provider of parts made by top manufacturers. As such, we offer a diverse online catalog.
  4. One of the biggest privately-owned elevator repair and installation companies in the country. We strive to exceed all industry standards while meeting state and national certifications. Get in touch with us anytime 24×7 via our service hotline.
  5. Committed to regular maintenance, offering the Mowrey Maintenance Agreement to our clients.

Speaking of the Mowrey Maintenance Agreement, let’s go over what this entails.

This agreement covers preventative maintenance, including parts, labor, and repairs arising from normal wear and tear. Factory-trained on our own products and major manufacturers’, our technicians can quickly and efficiently install whatever you need so you don’t miss a beat.

Did you know we also offer inspection services? We meet the stringent standards set forth by the National Elevator Code and the State of Florida. On top of that, we are diligent in testing our elevator phones every month, so we know they’re working properly and that they’re 100 percent ADA-compliant.

There’s no reason not to trust us here at Mowrey Elevator. Why not call our repair hotline now at 800-441-4449 to see what we can do for you?