Elevator Upgrades Can Help Increase Building Occupancy

Of the many benefits of elevator upgrades, boosting occupancy of your building is one of the major ones. When you increase the speed and efficiency of your elevators, whether you have one, two or many more, you make it easier and more enjoyable for passengers to get to their destinations.

The Benefits of Modernization

Safety is the top priority of your elevator operations, which is the first and foremost benefit of modernizing. You’ll have to meet regional fire and elevator safety codes, as out of date systems are likely missing upgraded safety features. They’re also more unreliable and prone to malfunction.

Frequent break-downs will then result in expensive service, parts, and repairs. It may be tough to find a technician that knows how to service an older unit, which is why it’s important to stay modern. Even though your outdated elevator may still be functional and code compliant, it doesn’t serve you or your passengers as well as it should.

Modernizing an elevator does a lot of things. It can:

  • Increase safety, functionality, and efficiency
  • Lead to reduced passenger wait times
  • Result in building energy conservation, as modern elevators send energy back into the building when descending
  • Increase flow of passengers through your building
  • Encourage more occupancy due to greater efficiency and functionality

Modernization is a large upfront investment, to be sure, but making those upgrades now will give you greater savings over the long haul.

Improvements designed for the common good: this is what will ensure satisfaction, particularly when you have an elevator that spans many floors with large numbers of occupants. Appealing to as many tenants, clients and customers as you can will add significant value to your building. In addition to increased building occupancy, you can expect these benefits as well:

  • Improved speed and efficiency
  • Added safety features
  • Better functionality
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Lower energy bills
  • Greater tax deductions
  • Better branding of the property, which can boost the occupancy rate

Bottom line is, when you make improvements to your elevator through replacement or renovations, you’re improving reliability, helping boost tenant and visitor satisfaction, ensuring higher retention numbers, and increasing property value.

You may consider modernizing your elevator if it is:

  • Accelerating and decelerating in a sluggish manner
  • Making unnecessary or suspicious vibrations or noises when in use
  • Having difficulty opening and closing within a reasonable period of time
  • Displaying leveling issues
  • Outdated in appearance

Important things to assess about your current elevator include: does your elevator meet tenants’ needs? Does the system need a face lift? Have you been losing tenant contracts or occupancy rates due to the condition and/or appearance of the elevator? If so, it’s time to contact Mowrey Elevator for a much-needed upgrade!