The Keys to Elevator Efficiency

As the owner or manager of a commercial building or apartment complex, you may be concerned with how efficient your elevator is. After all, if your customers, employees and residents aren’t getting where they want to be in an expedient manner, this could reflect negatively on your business.

Keys to Elevator Efficiency

Here are some tips on how to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Efficiency can translate to a better bottom line for your company, not to mention, it can reduce your energy use. Up to eight percent of your building’s energy use is sucked up by the elevator. From lighting to hoisting to standby, there are many factors that go into energy use of your elevator.

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping those costs low. It’s also key to keeping costly repairs at bay, or even major overhauls before they’re due.

If you’re trying to pinpoint the biggest energy suck from your elevators, you’ll want to concentrate on the drive system, which is continuously running. This is a big source of inefficiency that can contribute greatly to higher energy costs. And because they generate a lot of heat, they require more power from your HVAC system to cool down, which drives up your energy usage costs as well.

Making some upgrades will certainly help. There are a few areas in which you can do this:

  • Lighting and buttons: Use LED lights instead of fluorescent tube lamps, incandescents, or halogens.
  • Starter: Replace your old starter and save up to $500 per year. A new starter will protect you against poor-quality power that can result in brownouts.
  • Controllers: Use a standby mode controller that will shut off or reduce lighting when cars are unoccupied.

Making upgrades to your elevator over time can also help improve efficiency. With full modernizations potentially costing between $120,000 and $130,000, it can be daunting to face a total replacement. However, there are ways to do this in phases so you can keep costs in check. Your total cost will depend on many factors, such as how many elevators you have, traffic requirements, how many floors you have and what architectural elements are present.

The single most effective way to keep your elevators running efficiently is to have them serviced and inspected regularly. By employing good judgement and engaging in preventive maintenance, you’re saving yourself and your building a lot of hassle later. Regular upkeep will keep your repair bills low and extend the lifespan of your elevator at the same time.

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