Reasons You Want to Install a Commercial Lift/Elevator

If you own a business with more than one floor and you don’t already have one, you may consider installing a commercial lift or elevator to make it easier for your tenants, clients and customers to navigate between levels. Commercial elevators are a wise investment for many reasons. Below are several great reasons for adding a commercial elevator to your building.

Reason #1: For Safety and Accessibility

Having an elevator in your building is the best way to ensure the elderly or those with disabilities can safely and easily access multiple floors, whether for your customers or employees. Offering an alternative to stairs will also limit the potential for injuries like falls. Pregnant women, women with strollers, or people in wheelchairs or on crutches can also enjoy the convenience of an elevator in your commercial building.

Reason #2: To Alleviate Heavy Food Traffic

If your business tends to get very busy during certain times of the day, an elevator will help to manage traffic by getting throngs of people to their destination all at once. Plus, those who have to transport large objects from one floor to another, such as office supply deliveries or food deliveries, can do so without blocking the stairway.

Reason #3: You Have a Tall Building

While your building wouldn’t necessarily need an elevator if you just have a couple of floors, tall buildings and high rises definitely need this option. You can’t expect people to walk up several flights of stairs just to get to their destination, and then walk back down again. In some states, it’s considered a building code violation if you have a building taller than three stories without an elevator.

Reason #4: To Accommodate Clients

To accommodate clients and customers, an elevator will make their visit with you much more convenient, giving them a good first impression of your business. You want visitors to have an easy time navigating the building without the inconvenience of taking the stairs. Likewise, if you have an apartment building, adding an elevator to your building will help with tenant retention and satisfaction. Some industries more than others must place a priority on elevators, even with two floors, such as doctor’s offices or health clinics where infirm, immobile, or sick people are a frequent occurrence.

Reason #5: To Accommodate Active Staff Members

Staff members who have to constantly run up and down levels need a little break here and there. You’ll be doing your busy staff a favor by installing a lift or elevator in the building so they can travel between floors quickly and safely. The happier they are, the more productive they will be!

Reason #6: You Want to Raise Your Property Value

Commercial elevators boost the property value of your building. You may not even be planning to sell your building right now, but when the time comes, potential buyers will pay more for this convenience.

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