Seasonality and Elevator Troubles

Like many electric or mechanical machines, each season can affect how elevators work in different ways. It’s important to anticipate those problems and plan for any eventuality. Here are some ways in which seasonality and elevator troubles are related.

Seasonal Elevator Troubles


Humidity and moisture can infiltrate your elevator and cause a few snafus. Thanks to temperature fluctuations and strong storms, elevator function can be affected. In addition, inadequate machine room climate control can cause elevator failure or equipment damage. There are also power outages to think about, which can put your elevator out of commission for a while. These outages can also contribute to heat-related equipment malfunctions, which can put passengers at risk and burn out your machinery. Take preventative maintenance measures to nip these problems in the bud before they start.

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The rains of fall and spring can have devastating effects on a building and thus its elevator system. If you suspect a big rain storm will hit, close all vents and openings at the top of the hoist-way so water can’t enter the shaft.


While Florida doesn’t see the frigid temperatures and snow of the northeast, you may be the owner of several elevators in various locations – one of which may see such cold weather every year. Cold poses its own problems when elevators do not have adequate machine room climate control. You don’t want to compromise the safe and continuous operation of your elevator’s accessibility system and devices due to cold weather.

A few tips to prepare:

  • Check elevator pit sump
  • Inspect backup system
  • Park cabs on climate controlled floors
  • Lubricate dry rails
  • Keep the hydraulic oil temperature between 85 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit


Preparation is key to avoiding season-related threats to your elevator system. Make sure you display a diagram in your security area that illustrates the location of your elevators, car numbers and phone numbers. Before a storm hits, inspect the ventilation openings, along with windows and doors, in the elevator machine room. Install metal splash-guards and weather stripping to ensure minimal contact from water leaks.

To prevent blackouts in your elevators, make sure you have a surge protection system with an emergency power generation system back-up or an emergency return system. Check emergency lighting and elevator communications capabilities to make sure they are all in good working order. Do test runs and practice sessions at times of low demand.

Stay updated on all regular inspections and repairs to ensure a long lifespan for your elevator, no matter what the season.

If you do discover repairs that need to be made, call Mowrey Elevator’s Repair Hotline at (800) 441-4449 right away. It’s best to get them taken care of now before the next weather-related issue pops up.