Is a Stair Chair Necessary in Your Home?

Added convenience…better mobility…increased access to all areas of your home…these are just a few reasons why a stair chair may be necessary in your home. Stair chairs, also known as stair chair lifts, are automated devices that assist the elderly, those with disabilities, and those with mobility issues so they can easily go up and down stairs. This can be a godsend to people who would otherwise not be able to do so on their own.


Especially well-suited to residential homes, stair chairs ensure that physically challenged people can stay in their homes without having to sell them and live elsewhere such as a nursing home. Want to know if a stair chair is necessary for you? Here are some good reasons:

More Freedom and Independence

Many people who can’t walk up and down stairs find themselves confined to the bottom floor of the house. If you’re tired of confinement to one floor and would like access to the rest of the abode, it may be time for a stair lift. This puts control in your hands so you can sleep in your own bedroom, use the bathroom, come downstairs to prepare breakfast in your kitchen, and even do laundry without help. Why leave the home you raised your family in? No need to consider a move to a nursing home. Get a stair chair instead.

Save Money

Another drawback of living only on one floor is that you often have to retrofit the entire downstairs to accommodate everything you need to enjoy daily life. It can be costly to add necessary rooms and functions to one floor, from bathrooms and laundry rooms to pantries and kitchens. A much more affordable option than converting a downstairs room into a bedroom, for instance, is to install a stair chair so you or your loved one can easily access all levels of the home. You also don’t have to live through messy constructions due to retrofits and additions. Chair lifts can be professionally installed quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your normal routine in no time.

Stay Safe

Often times, the elderly put themselves at risk as they age for devastating falls. You may worry constantly about your loved one or even about yourself, that you could take a tumble down the stairs with one misstep. If you have a battery-powered lift, you get added peace of mind knowing you can use it even when the power goes out.

With Mowrey Elevators, our products are easy to operate, and are quiet and efficient through the following features:

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth operation with no jolts
  • Digital LCD
  • Safety sensors
  • Fold-up arm, seat and foot rests
  • Maintenance-free DC power
  • Key lock
  • Electronic and mechanical braking systems
  • Swivel seat

Want to know more about why you may benefit from a stair chair? Call Mowrey Elevators today!