When is the Best Time to Install a Home Elevator?

In short: anytime is a good time to install a home elevator! However, there are certain life changes and events that make the addition of a home elevator a perfect solution to a problem. The best time to install a home elevator is when…

  • Your family is growing and you can’t keep up with the demands: With small children constantly underfoot, it can be difficult to get anything done. It’s especially daunting – not to mention dangerous – when you need to transport large loads of laundry from floor to floor without tripping over something or someone! An elevator allows you to get your laundry, food, etc. from one floor to another without putting yourself or kids in danger. It also allows you to hold and transport your baby safely in one place without the fear of tripping down the stairs.
  • Your kids are getting older and the equipment heavier: Having pre-teens and teens in the house usually comes with lots of heavy sporting equipment, backpacks, and more. An elevator can help you haul that stinky hockey bag up the stairs or your kids’ school work to their rooms without breaking your back. (Please note that children should never be allowed to operate an elevator without adult supervision.)
  • You entertain a lot: Entertaining can be stressful, especially when you not only have to cook and prep the food but transport it to another floor without making a mess. With a home elevator or residential dumbwaiter, you don’t have to navigate stairs as you bring food and beverages to your guests. This will free up your time and energy so you can actually enjoy the party!
  • You are putting an addition or extra story on your house: If you’re upgrading and making home improvements, a home elevator is a great way to not only connect the floors of your home more easily, but it also adds big-time value to your property. This is good to know, even if you don’t plan on selling anytime soon.
  • You’re slowing down: As you get older in life, your ability to run up and down the stairs is impaired significantly. A home elevator allows you to traverse between floors easily, without the threat of falling. Plus, you can get where you’re going faster without having to take your time up and down the stairs, which can be pretty painful on the joints.
  • You’re the caregiver of an aging parent: If your aging parent is getting too old to take the stairs safely yet you can’t be around all the time to provide assistance, a home elevator gives you peace of mind knowing they are safe when you can’t be there.

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