Residential & Commercial Uses of Wheel Chair Lifts

Wheel chair lifts are pretty straightforward: they accommodate people in wheel chairs in multi-story commercial and residential buildings. Sometimes, especially in the case of high rises where ramps are not possible, lifts are necessary to get people up several stories. Many residential homes were not built with the capacity to incorporate ramps structurally, but the addition of a wheel chair lift as a retrofit is fairly easy to do. Whether for convenience and function in a residential setting, or for meeting ADA (Americans with Disabilities) requirements in the case of commercial properties, it’s important to know the ins and outs of wheel chair lifts.

Wheel Chair Lifts

Let’s take a look at some typical residential and commercial uses of wheel chair lifts.


Vertical platform lifts allow those confined to a wheel chair to better maneuver around their homes. They can be raised from the ground to the elevated area, usually up a flight of stairs or just a few steps, such as with a front porch. Residential platform lifts can be open or enclosed. You’ll see more open models inside the home, and more enclosed outside the home due to weather and other elements that can compromise safety or comfort.

Some models are designed to fit within existing walls similar to how an elevator works, common for homes as well as public establishments. Stage models are comprised of basic platforms that lift the wheel chair up just a short space, such as into a vehicle.


Lifts are necessary in many commercial applications because the existing space may be too small to place a ramp. Ramps take up a lot of space, whereas a vertical wheel chair lift does not. Wheel chair lifts within businesses are common not just for convenience of customers and patients but also to meet ADA requirements. Vertical wheelchair lifts are common in schools to provide access to other floors for physically-challenged students, faculty, staff, and visitors. They may be located within the school itself or within an auditorium stage.

Commercial platform lifts offer mobility solutions for businesses, municipal buildings, theaters, offices, colleges, churches, and more. They ensure easy access to your building so you can be in compliance with federal regulations as well as attract and retain more business. There are degrees and sizes of wheel chair lifts for commercial applications. For example, a full vertical platform lift comes equipped with a full-height cab and a non-load bearing ceiling, which looks and operates just like an elevator but without the high price tag. Thanks to constant pressure operation and swing-door access, passengers can enter and exit with ease.

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